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A Look into the Versatile World of Private Helicopter Travel

From the point of the helicopter’s inception (helicopter historians mark the first helicopter flight to be on November 13th, 1907) to the present day, the journey of the private helicopter has been ever-changing. Helicopters were first simplistically touted as the ‘flying cars of the skies’. They went on to become the most significant mode of transportation during times of war, especially during the wars in Vietnam and Korea. Simply by looking at the history of the helicopter, we can see that the services it offers are very diverse in nature.

Keeping in mind the traveller of today, whether it is for business, pleasure or just swift travel from point A to point B (transfers, quick stops, etc), a helicopter can satisfy all these requirements. Helicopter charter services also possess a certain kind of speed and flexibility that a fixed-wing aircraft cannot offer. With regard to connectivity, access to remote locations and dense inner city areas is possible by helicopter travel as long as sufficient landing space is present. When correct and proper licenses are in place, helipads can be constructed on buildings, hotels, and even private properties.

With these advantages at the forefront, let us explore a few of the specific travel purposes that helicopter charter services can fulfil:

Private Helicopter For Religious Pilgrimage

Travelling by a private helicopter for a religious pilgrimage is a very convenient and much-needed travel option. Religious sites are usually located in far-off or inaccessible areas. It is especially difficult for disabled people or senior citizens to undertake such journeys.

Pilgrimage spots like Kailash Mansarovar, Chardham and Amarnath are common destinations. One of the most popular pilgrimage sites visited by helicopter is Vaishno Devi which is placed at an altitude of 5,200 feet above sea level with an upward trek journey of around 16 km. Looking at the geographical statistics, it is no wonder that travel by helicopter helps ease the journey for a religious pilgrimage.

helicopter for religious pilgrimage

Helicopter For Political Meetings/Elections

It is physically impossible for politicians to execute nationwide election campaigns without flying by helicopter. Travelling by helicopter for election purposes enables an individual to visit a number of places in a tight schedule and connect with difficult locations.

If a politician travels by a private jet alone, landing at an airport and then travelling by road is inevitable. This is, understandably, not an ideal situation. In such cases, flying by helicopter for election duty is the most organized way for a politician to travel.

Helicopter For Aerial Survey

The information and images obtained during an aerial survey hold different levels of value for different industries. This still doesn’t change the fact that most segments depend on a helicopter for aerial survey purposes. Using a helicopter for aerial survey missions can procure data with better resolution, quality, and atmospheric conditions than satellite image technologies. The helicopter’s slow speed and low-flying ability allow it to satisfactorily pick up images from the ground.

helicopter for aerial survey

Private Helicopter Joyrides

One extremely popular component of helicopter charter services includes helicopter joyrides. Individuals can witness expansive views of a city and see many famous sights all at once. A helicopter joyride is also the perfect way to celebrate a special occasion such as a wedding anniversary or a birthday.

Helicopter For Flower Dropping

Whatever the occasion, flower dropping done by helicopter will always add an element of surprise and gaiety to the proceedings and make the whole event visually appealing. The most popular occasions that seek the services of helicopter flower-dropping are weddings, election drives, and festivals.


While these are the most popular reasons why individuals fly by helicopter, the situation is changing day by day. The demand and need for more professional helicopter charter services of the highest quality are definitely on the rise. Constant innovation and developments in the area of helicopter aviation ensure that helicopter travel is always safe, efficient, and reliable. Luxury helicopter charter services – with upgraded cabin design and features – are also a sector that has a growing demand.

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