Adventures of Private Flying

We all know the perks of hiring a private jet charter! Private flying is a glamorous service for the rest of the globe, but how difficult it is to deliver the service is a big industry story.

Private aircraft service providers ensure that their customers receive the best service possible, including catering, ground handling, crew assistance, aviation fueling, and return services, among other things. 

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind while thinking about the benefits of a private jet? 

Flexibility? Or Personalization?


The flexibility of schedule is the first perk that almost everyone notices when choosing private jet charters. Unlike traditional airlines, private air charters provide passengers with complete control over flight schedules. There are no restrictions because most flight charter companies operate seven days a week, 24 hours a day.

But, just like any other sector, the private charter industry has its own share of challenges we face in executing the flight. However, just because the issues exist doesn’t imply that they can’t all be solved. BookMyCharters, one of the leading private charter rental platforms in India, is always ready with some good old-fashioned preparation and a determined attitude! 

“The keys to success are being aware of the issues, knowing how to spot them before they arise, and learning how to effectively alleviate them as quickly as possible,” says Rajeev Wadhwa, Founder of BookMyCharters.

He further mentioned, “As the sector tries to serve a record number of new fliers while dealing with supply chain issues, private jet passengers are seeing more delays, cancellations, and a lack of available flights. The situation leads to major challenges: aircraft grounding, delays beyond our control, challenges to get permission to land, and lots of testimonies and wins and joy of delivering services.” 

And that’s the fact, the surge of new private jet clients, fueled by health concerns during the coronavirus pandemic and the increasing accumulation of money, is stressing a sector that was designed to develop more slowly. With the travel restrictions, particularly on international locations, a growing number of affluent Indians are opting for private aircraft ahead of the festive season for holidays and other travel plans.

According to industry officials, a shortage of new and used planes, delays in receiving aircraft parts, crew and pilot shortages, catering snafus, and air traffic challenges contribute to an increase in flight delays and cancellations.

A surge in demand has left private charter and business aviation companies scrambling to find jets for their customers, with most international leasing companies reluctant of giving planes to Indian operators. 

As more planes fly, more maintenance is required, which necessitates the hiring of competent personnel, mechanics, and technicians. Large operators and suppliers have taken initiatives to relieve the strain on their fleets and allow them to focus on their existing customers.

From charter firms and jet management organizations to brokers and operators, the supply deficit affects the whole private aviation system. And the list goes on and on!! 

But despite all the challenges, every tiny detail is tailored by our professionals to make your flight as enjoyable as possible. It means large and comfortable seats, private restrooms, plentiful personal space, a glass or two of fine wine along with your fancy snacks, and a precisely maintained schedule.

Another major challenge is the shortage of Pilots. Yes, during the Covid-19 outbreak, many pilots retired or scaled back, and with commercial airlines aggressively hiring, private jet firms and owners are scrambling to find pilots. 

Finding cabin workers is becoming increasingly difficult and expensive.

Catering has also been a source of client dissatisfaction. Our clients who fly by private aircraft usually place their catering orders a day or two before their travel. 

However, many of the new fliers cancel their meals the night before, causing caterers to hustle to acquire and prepare the meals — as well as line up the correct wine or spirits — that clients have requested. Despite this, we at BookMyCharters make sure to provide the best in-flight experience to our clients.

On most of the flights, simple refreshments and drinks are provided. However, personalized catering for private planes requires considerable expertise, as not all meals transfer well from the restaurant or kitchen to the plane. The food delivery adds an extra layer of complexity if you’re flying from a more rural airport where high-end catering demands aren’t common. 

As a result, we have to be very picky about who they work with and the type of food they offer. Our passengers want the operator to get it right and rectify things. Thus, we’ve been working closely with their partners to make sure the service runs well during these difficult staffing periods.

The aircraft sector is service-oriented, and passenger satisfaction is crucial to its success. Because no two passengers are alike, passenger satisfaction is at the heart of the airline industry’s issues. At any given time, a segment of customers may be unsatisfied. This is, however, what has pushed our business to achieve seamlessness throughout the entire journey – the best flight, good security, complete comfort, perfect meals, personalized service, and more.

With the largest inventory of private jets in the country, the company has set new standards for serving the elite, with customized offerings to meet private charter needs. We have to keep improving our services on a regular basis – this is even more important because passenger safety is at stake. 

Want to know more? Keep watching this space for more facts and stories about the private jet industry!