An Empty Leg Flight: All You Need To Know

Everyone’s first time in an airplane is an experience filled with wonder and excitement. But after the first few flights, air travel becomes a tedious task and the excitement turns to dread. Ferry flights change that by removing all the tiresome parts of a flight and replacing it with a refined flying experience.

What is an empty leg?

Empty leg flight, also known as “ferry flight” occurs when a private jet travels in one direction without any passengers. The aircraft has to make this journey, but there are no people on board. Private jet companies then offer empty tickets on board at a lesser cost, making travel more affordable for passengers.

Empty-leg flights provide you with a unique opportunity to travel elegantly without breaking the bank. They utilize the potential of non commercial transits to offer customers a luxurious experience. Instead of dreading the cramped manner of travelling by normal commercial flights, you will look forward to the exotic journey via an empty-leg flight.

How the empty leg experience differs?

Following are the prime benefits of the empty leg charter flight:

Relaxed, Productive and Fast

These three words perfectly describe your journey in a ferry flight. A private charter is a known luxury and adds tremendous ease to your journey. In case you don’t like to relax, there will also be enough space to work comfortably and get a few things done while you are in the air, making it a relatively productive transit. A private charter has a better clearance in the air as compared to commercial flights, which decreases the travel time required.

Luxury Combined With Reasonable Pricing

Monetary benefits are the best ones, period. The combination of luxury and reasonable pricing is seldom seen in any market; nobody says no to a great service at an amazing deal.  A ferry flight seat often costs less than a business class ticket on a commercial flight.

No Boring Airport Rules

An airport for a commercial flight is a restrictive space with many procedures to complete before take-off. When you are flying private, you do not have to worry about tiring formalities. There is no need to arrive hours before your flight and you can evade the long wait of the security checking queue. Apart from a basic code of conduct, there will be no regulations that need to be followed.

On-Demand Meals

Meals are an important factor of any memorable experience. Many a times, we are unable to eat well in the hurry of catching a flight. Few airports are able to provide you with food that isn’t just filling but also tasty. A meal on a commercial flight can also merely suffice your hunger, and generally fails to satisfy. A private charter takes care of your hunger while nurturing your taste buds with its ‘on-demand meals’ facility.

Luxury & Exclusivity

Luxury is the first thought that comes to anyone’s mind when they think of a private charter. They are the symbol of wealth and power all around the world, and occupy a big space in film and entertainment for the same reason. A private charter adds a sense of panache to your journey. It is an exclusive sense of elegance that is always appreciated, whether one is flying to a business meeting or to a vacation.

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