Air Ambulance

Benefits of a Charter Air Ambulance Service


Over the past few decades, air medical transportation has become more popular worldwide, but during the pandemic, it was quite common in India. Compared to a land ambulance, charter air ambulance services cover a larger region and fly faster. They are, therefore, helpful, especially in rural areas with low population densities. An air ambulance is a specially equipped helicopter or fixed-wing aircraft that transfers the ill or the injured over distances or terrain that make it unfeasible for a traditional ground ambulance.

For patients who are experiencing immediate medical attention, the air ambulance service is an essential part of the healthcare system. Air ambulances can speed up patient transport for those with serious medical conditions and enhance access to care for those who live in rural or distant places using cutting-edge tools and technology; specially trained paramedics carry the patient. Direct transport of patients to hospitals, trauma centres, or other facilities with access to specialised care is an option.

The first integrated air ambulance service in India has been unveiled in Bangalore city by the honourable Chief Minister of Karnataka, Mr. B.S. Yediyurappa. 

Why you should consider using an Indian Air Ambulance Charter Services

Accidents don’t come informed. It can happen anywhere and anytime. On vacation or on business trips or you might be subject to food poisoning at the buffet during a conference. It may so happen that you are a lover of adventure sports like skiing, mountaineering, etc., and while doing so, you are faced with some kind of emergency.

Due to a number of distinct factors, the concept of air ambulance services in India has gained some traction. The “golden hour” — the first 60 minutes after a trauma — is crucial for sending patients to a hospital or trauma centre.

The patient’s chances of life are mostly determined in the initial hours following the injury or medical issue. Access to the appropriate services and proper treatment greatly improve recovery. Trauma systems, field triage recommendations, emergency medical services, and emergency department management of trauma sufferers all heavily rely on this idea.

Here are some benefits of why should consider using Air Ambulance Charter Services:

  1. Charter air ambulance service is the kind of service that combines basic emergency medical care with air transportation to transport injured or ill individuals to and from medical institutions. It’s comparable to airlifting individuals during an emergency. 
  2. Transporting urgent patients to the medical facility on time is difficult because of the remote location and traffic congestion. Thus, air ambulance services play a critical part in such situations.
  3. To monitor and treat patients, air ambulance services have cutting-edge medical equipment on board their aircraft. Even the most serious patients can be carried with ease because it comes equipped with all the time-saving tools.
  4. The risks of the patient’s declining health can be greatly reduced by a simple and rapid flight in an air ambulance.

How to find the right charter air ambulance service for you

An air ambulance is a specially configured aircraft that transports patients while providing medical assistance. Advanced life support for the patient is provided by a doctor, nurse, or paramedic on board this mode of transportation. At the same time, they are flying critical patients and accident victims who require rapid medical attention from one hospital to another or even between cities.

It is used to transport patients between medical facilities, including big hospitals and local trauma and emergency centres, as well as organs, blood, and donor organs for transplant. An air ambulance can be used in case of Cardiac (heart attack, stroke) and central nervous system (brain haemorrhage) ailments.

Here are some recommendations that need to be kept in mind while scheduling an air ambulance in India:

1. Speak with the air ambulance service provider and request a quote because prices vary from business to business. Depending on the type of aircraft utilised, the distance travelled, and the services rendered, different air ambulance services have different costs in India.

2. Enquire about the services that the provider of air ambulances provides. Advanced life support, patient transportation between hospitals and healthcare facilities, and organ transplant are examples of typical services.

3. Inquire about the background of the onboard medical staff.

4. Verify whether the airline is authorised to travel to India.

5. Verify that you have read and comprehended the reservation terms and conditions.

6. Inquire about cancellation policies.

7. Find out if the provider of the air ambulance service offers insurance to its clients or can assist you in obtaining it. Most air ambulance service companies solely accept cash as payment and do not accept health insurance. Double-check before making a reservation because this may change from company to company.

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