Fly To The Best Snow Destinations This Winter

Fly To The Best Snow Destinations This Winter

Winter is here, and it’s the ideal time for a ski getaway! Consider taking a private jet charter to one of the world’s best ski destinations if you’re ready to take a holiday. 

During the Christmas and New Year season, if you want a relaxing holiday, why not take a look at some of the most popular private jet destinations? Get whisked away with your friends and family to the destination of your choice on a private plane.

BookMyCharters provides private jet charters to a number of winter skiing destinations, whether you prefer Salt Lake City, Utah, or Geneva, Switzerland, we’ll get you there. 

Here are the top six soothing winter and snowboard destinations to fly off to this winter for the smoothest ski slopes.

Vail, Colorado

Vail is a lovely weekend private jet trip with a majestic atmosphere, vast scenery, and an idyllic mountain town. Vail Mountain is one of the largest ski resorts in the area providing catering for all levels of experience on over three dozen trails. For all types of private jet explorers, spas, restaurants, luxury hotels, concerts, events, and world-class skiing have endless options. BookMyCharters is the perfect way to book your next winter vacation to Vail, where private jet charter customers get priority fleet reservations during busy winter travel months.

Whistler, Canada

During the holiday season, Whistler is a winter wonderland and it’s a paradise for skiers. Whistler Blackcomb also provides many accommodation options, including luxury townhomes for ski-in/ski-out. Whistler will not disappoint if you are into extreme winter sports; some of the many activities they offer include snowmobiling and heli-skiing. There are also other winter sports, including horse-drawn sleigh rides and tubing, that the entire family will enjoy. 

South Tyrol, Italy

South Tyrol is a skier’s paradise straddling the borders of Italy and Austria, thanks to the surrounding Dolomites mountain range that offers some of the country’s most adrenaline-spiking runs. Fireplaces, spa facilities, and wellness rooms are complete with luxurious accommodations that allow you to enjoy your winter holidays as you want.

The Canary Islands

For many, the lively, colorful Canary Islands are a bucket list adventure, and there is no better time to visit than during the winter. While during this time you still won’t find much “beach weather,” the climate is mild enough to spend some time outdoors without competition in its many national parks. The black sandy beaches, including the active Mt. Teide, get their color from the volcanoes on the islands.

Barbados, Caribbean Island 

Banish those summer blues in search of some winter sunshine with a private jet ride. The waters of Barbados are crystal clear and the sandy beaches are lined with numerous snorkeling spots. Giant sea turtles and tropical fish of all sizes and colors will swim with you. Sandy Lane resort is the place to stay there for your time, for you to enjoy a private and secluded beach. For you to choose from, Barbados has over 80 pristine beaches.

Park City, Utah

On your next ski break, if you’re looking for some seclusion, head to Park City in Utah. This quaint town offers excellent skiing and snowboarding conditions, but with less crowded slopes. For couples and families, Park City is a popular choice, and the area also offers a skier-only Deer Valley resort.

Ready For Your Ski Trip?

Let us take you there on one of our private jets wherever you plan to go for your next ski trip. We are going to organize your travel arrangements smoothly and get you the perfect plane for your next flight. 

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On your way to these incredible destinations, escape the hustle and bustle of busy airports and crowds of visitors. We’ll get you straight to your favorite ski resort from your favorite place. 

The beauty of private flying is that everything is done according to your own timetable, enabling you to spend more time on the things that matter to you whether it’s family time, office time, or more time on the slopes.