Busting the Myths Around Renting Charter Flights

Busting the Myths Around Renting Charter Flights

It is rightly said, “luxury is in each detail.”

Your dream location may be the crème de la crème of holiday destinations. Your business meeting may be an essential step to making that crucial entrepreneurial decision. But have you considered the significance of the journey to these destinations? Flying by an ordinary commercial plane satisfies your commute requirements, but by customizing your charter flight based on your taste buds, you own your travel space!

Today, meticulously crafted, extravagant private charter flights have become the preferred mode of travel for personal and professional endeavors. However, the prevalent myths around luxury private jets in India have limited their utility. 

Let’s bust some of the common myths about renting private aircraft:

 Myth #1: There are limited destinations when you travel by private jet

One of the prevalent charter fallacies that have to be dispelled is this one. Private aircraft really have more possibilities for destinations because there are more airports overall. Private aircraft can land and take off from any airport, unlike commercial aircraft. Depending on their closest location, the traveler can choose the airport. Additionally, some businesses offer charter flights to India with a variety of services and destination alternatives that commercial flights might not have.

Myth #2: Private jets have the same repercussions as commercial flights during bad weather

Bad weather is undoubtedly an air commuter’s worst foe. Consequently, individuals are typically apprehensive to book private aircraft during turbulent weather conditions, believing that bad weather would equally affect private and commercial jets. Although unstable weather conditions can adversely affect all aircraft, private jet pilots can consider such setbacks and discuss other possible routes to avoid the repercussions of bad weather. Such sudden detours are almost impossible in the case of commercial flights. Moreover, private aircraft operate in much smaller airports compared to commercial ones, making the commute process easier during such times. Finally, private aircraft typically fly at higher altitudes, evading bad weather easily.

Myth #3: It is better to buy than rent private aircraft

“Why rent when you can buy?” is a common and understandable argument by many air commuters. Buying a chartered plane is often considered a fruitful, albeit expensive, long-term investment. However, a flyer’s needs are typically varied and situational. Owning one or a few private flights can considerably limit your avenues. In contrast, renting such aircraft opens up a world of choices regarding sizes, models, and prices of private jets available for rent. Moreover, reputed companies outsourcing private aircraft on rent provide a range of services, from customized interiors to organizing specific events on board under one hood, making your flight experience highly personalized and pleasurable.

Myth #4: There is little difference between flying first class and renting a private jet

Another common myth about private flights is that flying business class or first class entails the same level of comfort and luxury as when one books a charter flight. Although the flying business class is an elating experience, passengers must still wade through standard processes like security checks and airport crowds. Moreover, your flight cannot be customized to your needs when flying business class. Private jets offer personalized air travel while doing away with queues and security checks.

Myth #5: Commercial jets are safer than private ones

Finally, the safety quotient is a major factor deterring individuals from renting private aircraft. Commercial airlines are considered tried-and-tested options and are thus the first preferences of many travelers. However, the final determinant of passengers’ safety is the reliability of the agency offering these flights.

Myth #7: It is simpler to book a ticket for a commercial flight

This may be the case if you purchase a cheap flight ticket without considering the date of your departure, the length of time you will have to wait at the airport, or the likely passenger load. However, it is far simpler to purchase a ticket from a private operator. A private airline will take care of everything for you, including the airport pickup, the flight itself, and the post-landing procedures. Without you having to do a thing, they will make every effort to meet your every need.

Let’s book a private jet and bust all these myths!

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