Christmas Market Tour

Christmas Market Tour by Private Jet Charter

People all over the world are celebrating the holiday season. Christmas trees have been adorned, cookies have been baked, lights have been turned on, wine has been mulled. And most important, the seasonal Christmas markets have opened for business. This year, get into the holiday mood by chartering a private jet to some of the top Christmas market tour in the world.

Get Ready For The Best Christmas Market Tour!

Some places are only a few hours away by private aircraft, allowing you to enjoy local cuisines and holiday sweets in a variety of stunning destinations on a single weekend. Here are a few of our favorite Christmas markets to help you plan your next charter with us.

Vienna Christmas World, Austria

Vienna Christmas
 Market Tour


The huge Rathausplatz square in front of Vienna City Hall hosts Vienna’s Christmas World. Around 150 stalls provide high-quality presents and souvenirs, many of which are crafted of wood and glass, as well as delectable Viennese cuisine, baked pastries, and festive beverages. Walk off the strudels by searching for the famed tree of hearts, which includes a photo platform, or by following the Nativity scene trail. Then put on your skates and enjoy a lit ice rink with Christmas music playing in the background. The Christmas market often begins in mid-November and runs until the day after Christmas.

Toronto Christmas Market Tour, Canada

The Toronto Christmas Market, located in the Distillery Historic District, is large, bold, and gorgeous. 75 boutiques and restaurants descend on this refined city in Canada’s affluent east, recently revamped as the Distillery Winter Village.

This modern-style market attracts thousands of people each year from all over the continent. It hosts traditional celebrations such as carol singers, warming and delicious cuisine, and a 50-foot tall Christmas tree — a veritable winter wonderland.

Tivoli Gardens, Copenhagen

Tivoli Garden Christmas Market Tour


The Christmas Market at Tivoli Gardens is all about the lights. The market attracts visitors from all across Copenhagen, teasing the festive season with a light show that includes color, music, fire, smoke, lasers, and water. They’re best viewed from the bridge that spans Tivoli Lake, either before or after you’ve visited the market stalls.

An American animator visited Tivoli Gardens numerous times in 1951, marveling at the pleasant environment and family-friendly attractions. That animator, as observant readers could have realized, was Walt Disney. Disney is said to have spent his time walking around the grounds, taking notes on everything he saw. Tivoli Gardens, according to his friend Art Linkletter, was the idea for Disneyland.

Brussels Winter Wonders, Belgium

The Brussels Winter Wonders hailed as one of Europe’s top Christmas markets, is ideal for entertaining the entire family. There are plenty of booths and outlets for shopaholics. While those seeking even more thrill can explore the many attractions, which include merry-go-rounds, Ferris wheels, and a chilly ice rink.

Winter Village at Bryant Park, NYC, USA


Each year, Hungary’s capital hosts three unique Christmas markets, the largest of which is the Budapest Christmas Market. The market is located on Vörösmarty Square in the heart of Pest and is framed by a gigantic Christmas tree. Vendors sell handicrafts, mulled wine, and regional delicacies like goulash in bread bowls, potato fritters, sweet chimney cakes, and honey cookies when the market opens in early December.

The Gerbeaud building’s facade is transformed into a gigantic Advent calendar between December 1 and December 23. With a light and music spectacle accompanying each day’s opening of a window, it shows the number of days till Christmas. Regular concerts by Hungarian bands in a variety of musical genres, including jazz, indie, world, blues, and soul, as well as dance acts and even a marionette theatre, are among the other free activities. 

Frankfurt Christmas Market, Birmingham, UK 

Frankfurt Christmas Market is the best place to be with your family during the Christmas week, with a dash of retail and a massive gathering of Birmingham. It’ll take care of all your last-minute Christmas necessities and guarantee fun to the core.

The various stalls sell a wide range of items, from classic Christmas gifts to handcrafted leatherwork, toys, jewelry, and so much more! Don’t miss a spin on the beautiful carousel that winds its way through the market!

Feeling Festive?

Warm-up and prepare for the ideal private jet Christmas market tour. If you’re visiting any of these nations, don’t miss out on the world’s most unique Christmas markets. They are unquestionably the best way to kick off the Christmas season! What’s stopping you from visiting the greatest of the markets with such an amazing list?