How To Choose The Right Private Jet

How To Choose The Right Private Jet

It is necessary to choose the right private jet for your travel needs. 

When your biggest problem is figuring out what type of private jet to charter for your next trip and you aren’t sure which jet type is right for you, here is an overview to get you started. 

Starting from Small Compact Light Jets, sometimes referred to as VLJs or Very Light Jets, informal classifications range up to Large Sized Turbo-props. 

They all feature private bedrooms, showers, board tables, media rooms, and plenty of legroom to spread out in leather lounge chairs.

While it may seem like being in a candy store, even for the relatively small commitment of a single charter flight, not getting the right jet can impact your experience. 

You need to consider how many people will be on-board with you. Be mindful of how much luggage each person can hold, in addition to the number of passengers, so that there is ample storage space for everyone. Also, are you carrying specialty luggage such as golf clubs, skis, and bikes?

Outside of jets, turboprops like the King Air B200 is the most comfortable solution for short-haul flights and is significantly more economical than other comparable jets. Again, costs will vary based on if this is a one-way or what the industry considers a roundtrip, which generally means returning within 24 hours.

If you are chartering one-way, your price may be higher because you are also paying for that jet to return to its base.

The best advice is to enquire more on Bookmycharters, an online portal and the largest aggregator of private jets and helicopters in the country is there to help you out. 

The website contains great pictures of the jets, and detailed information on size, range, seating capacity, luggage capacity, and estimated pricing. 

Booking a private jet is now as easy as counting 1,2,3. Plan your escape and make the right choice.