Top Travel Destinations For World Tourism Day 2021

We all know that travel is a highly inspirational and satisfying experience, and that it is only when it is taken away from us that we realize its true value. 

The theme for World Tourism Day 2021 is “Tourism for Inclusive Growth.” Let us celebrate tourism’s ability to drive inclusive growth and the role it plays in creating opportunities for millions of people around the world.

Traveling broadens our horizons and enhances our souls by providing us with new experiences and memories. Traveling to a new place has several advantages, including the opportunity to learn a new language and the opportunity to experience diverse cultures. Tourism not only helps us recall joyful memories from our life, but it also plays a vital role in a country’s social, cultural, political, and economic growth.

Discover The Tourism Sector in India 

The unique aspect of Tourism Day is that each year, different themes are used to raise public awareness in various ways. While tourism is a favorite activity for people all around the world, water-based tourism holds a unique place in the industry. Many tourist sites have sprouted up along the banks of rivers, lakes, and waterfalls around the world, and India is no exception. For countries like India, tourism is very important.

The ancient heritage or culture of a country like India is not only a philosophical site, but it is also a source of cash and, at the same time, many people’s livelihoods are linked to the tourism sectors. Taking countries like India as an example, practically every country in the globe now protects old and historical structures. 

India is a land rich with diverse experiences and unique locales. Its brilliant hues and rich cultural legacy are closely intertwined with its technology-driven present, whether in towering monuments, old temples, or mausoleums.

Every year, millions of foreigners, together with their Indian relatives, visit India. India’s tourist potential is enormous. Whether on an adventure vacation, a cultural excursion, a pilgrimage, or a trip to the gorgeous beaches, there are magnificent spots for all types of tourists.

Top Travel Destinations To Visit On World Tourism Day!

As countries gradually open their borders, it’s a good opportunity to consider how important travel is to us and how important it is to keep tourism alive. Allowing private charter flights to fly in the country played a significant impact as well. People are also intrigued about the outside world despite the close proximity. This is why, in today’s globe, travel has become a growing sector.

Our top travel destinations for 2021 will encourage you to start planning your next adventure right away.

Costa Rica


Costa Rica has one of the lowest Covid-19 death rates in Latin America, and the country’s administration has been praised for its effective virus management and containment. 

Costa Rica’s progress will also impress those wishing to travel sustainably: This long-time global leader in conservation and sustainability, which is powered by 99.5 percent clean and renewable energy, aims to be carbon-free by 2050. 

Costa Rica is recognized for its breathtaking national parks, where visitors may participate in thrilling sports such as river rafting, canyoning, cave tubing, and zip line. Apart from adventure, the country is also expanding its luxury offerings. 

The Canary Islands


Why not plan a trip to Europe’s own desert terrain, the Canary Islands, to commemorate World Tourism Day? These islands, located off the coast of Western Sahara, have an all-year-round springtime climate, making them an enticing site for a tourism day celebration at any time of year. 

Tenerife and Lanzarote are two of the seven Canary Islands, each with its own distinct experience. Discover Lanzarote’s lunar sceneries by walking through the lush, fertile black volcanic landscapes, which are ideal for cultivating everything from grapevines to aloe vera. 

Climb to the dizzying heights of Tenerife’s El Teide volcano, Spain’s highest peak, which provides world-class hiking paths during the day and one of the greatest stargazing skies in the world by night. 

Don’t forget to taste some of the great Canarian cuisines and pick up on local handicrafts from one of the artisan markets.



Slovenia, which borders Italy, is a top destination for 2021 due to its leadership in areas like sustainable tourism: it was recently voted the world’s most sustainable country by National Geographic, and its city, Ljubljana, is renowned as Europe’s Green Capital. 

Slovenia, with its emphasis on environment, beautiful scenery, and pleasant climate, is a destination that many will visit in 2021.

Slovenia has just recently established itself as a popular tourist destination. This small country on the Alps’ sunny side is highly diverse and has something for everyone. Slovenia is known for its friendly people, stunning scenery, delectable cuisine, and rich history and culture. It’s a terrific place to visit for a day trip or a week-long relaxed vacation.



The south of Spain has long been a popular winter sun destination, and with only a short flight from the UK, it’s a fantastic place to visit for World Tourism Day. 

Take in the city’s thriving art scene, a stroll along the city’s golden sand beach, or a trip back in time with a visit to the city’s imposing cathedral. The Picasso museum and the Alcazaba, a historic Moorish palace with sea vistas, are two must-see sites in Malaga. 

After you’ve had your fill of Malaga’s rich cultural offerings, stop by one of the traditional cafes for some authentic tapas and a glass of sherry, a local specialty. You’ll find a world full of color and life if you touch the surface of this Andalusian city.

The Maldives


The Maldives is recognized for its turquoise water with gorgeous blue hues, waving palm trees, and shimmering white sand beneath the endless blue skies. With pleasant weather for most of the year, the Maldives is an excellent choice for a relaxing beach vacation. It’s the epitome of luxury and serenity.

The place has adopted rigorous Covid regulations, and all of the islands’ resorts and lodgings are taking precautions, in addition to being a naturally socially remote hideaway.

The Maldives is all about luxury and getting in touch with nature, with large spells of white sand beaches facing the turquoise Indian Ocean, stilted waterside villas, and a romantic candlelit supper with a glass of champagne at a gazebo on the water. 

The metropolis beauty of Hulhule Island – the “Manhattan of the Indian Ocean,” is perfectly matched with the tropical charm, making it one of the most popular reasons to visit the Maldives.

Ready To Visit These Amazing Travel Destinations?

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