5 Exclusive Features of Premium Long-Range Private Jets

Travel is a lot more than just exploring a new place – for many, it is a way of life and a means of mental, social, and emotional growth and wellbeing. Traveling to local places has its own charm, but international trips enable one to interact with people living in an entirely different part of the world, understanding their lifestyles, cultures, languages, food, traditions, and several other aspects. Such trips broaden one’s perspective and boost openness to new experiences.

Flying to an international destination usually involves a lot of customs and immigration procedures at the airport, which are quite time consuming and involve waiting in long queues. But private aviation does away with such queues, accelerating the immigration process and making the start of one’s journey incredibly convenient. Moreover, these jets offer direct, non-stop journeys from point A to point B, without any layovers. But that’s not it – premium long-range private jets on rent offer world-class features and amenities that are sure to “sweep you off your feet,” ushering you right into the best air journey you may have imagined:

Seats convertible to beds

Several midsize and large private jets have reclining seats that may be easily converted to beds. These beds are luxurious and comfortable with the best-quality linen and mattresses, which elevate one’s travel experience considerably. For example, the Dassault Falcon 8X boasts of 180-degree reclining seats that may be converted to lie-flat beds.

Spacious lavatories

Using the lavatory on-board planes isn’t usually an experience to write home about – there’s just enough space for the commode and a basin. But if you’re planning to rent a long-range private jet, your experience is about to change. Many long-range jets have multiple lavatories, and these are usually very spacious and stocked with all the required essentials, in addition to other world-class amenities. Of course, the individual amenities in the lavatories of private jets may differ based on the manufacturers. For example, Dassault’s Falcon 7X has a stand-up shower with clear glass windows, which can actually be turned opaque in no time with an electro-chromatic privacy option. Similarly, on-board the Gulfstream G650, one can enjoy an entire hour of spa shower time on one side of the cabin.

Fully equipped and stocked galleys

While premium private jet rental companies go all out to serve foods and beverages of their clients’ choice on board, helicopters, turboprops, and light jets may not have the facilities to store foods and beverages at their ideal temperatures till the time they are served. But with long-range jets, the galleys are spacious and have all the required equipment to store foods and beverages at their right temperatures. This way, you not only get to relish your favourite foods and beverages but also enjoy them exactly the way they are supposed to be.

Large cargo areas

Since long-range jets are usually used for long-distance travel, passengers may have a lot of luggage to carry with them on such trips. To cater to such baggage requirements, long-range private jets have very spacious cargo areas that can accommodate large cargo volumes with ease. For instance, the Gulfstream G650 has a luggage capacity of 195 cubic feet, whereas the Dassault Falcon 8X follows close with a cargo capacity of 140 cubic feet.

Advanced entertainment systems

In a long flight journey of 16-20 hours, there’s plenty of time in one’s hands even after staring at the clouds outside, dozing off and enjoying scrumptious meals. And that’s why good entertainment systems are of utmost importance in such flight journeys. Long-range private jets sport advanced entertainment systems, including HD televisions, access to several movies and TV shows, and surround-sound systems, which ensure that passengers are well-engaged throughout their journeys.

Long-range private jets and charter flights are the most ideal modes of transport to travel to faraway destinations, because they redefine traveling in style. As a company offering premium long-range private jet rentals, BookMyCharters offers top-notch services and amenities to its clients, leaving no stone unturned to ensure that they are elated by their journeys. So, if you are planning to rent a private jet to an international or faraway destination, we would love to guide you. Click here to enquire about private jet prices and other details!