8 Reasons to Rent a Private Helicopter to Nearby Destinations

When was the last time you embarked on a three-hour journey to a conference and got stuck up in traffic for four hours? Road traffic can significantly affect one’s schedule, causing delays and even cancellations of important meetings and conferences. The good news is that for the ones who choose air travel as the alternative, even the sky isn’t the limit. And while private jets lend themselves to longer distances, there is no better mode of transport for short-distance travel than a private helicopter. Here are some reasons why you should charter a helicopter for your short travels:

Time saving

One of the major advantages of chartering a helicopter is that it helps you save on commute time, helping avoid road congestion and evade road blockages caused by factors like construction and natural disasters. Moreover, private helicopters may be booked even a few hours in advance in case of sudden, unplanned travel.

Easy travel to remote locations

Today, with several factories and offices opening up at remote locations, HNIs and top-level executives typically need to travel frequently to the interiors of the country. Such places also make for excellent vacation spots, away from the city’s hustle and bustle. However, since most of these locations do not have airports, it can be time consuming to commute from the nearest airport to the destination. Private helicopters can easily land in remote locations with helipads, ensuring that you travel nonstop from your source to the destination, without having to switch your mode of transport. Furthermore, helicopters can take off and land vertically, which allows them to easily access destinations that are difficult to reach for conventional aircraft.

Assured security and privacy

Many celebrities, HNIs, political leaders, etc. prefer to rent a helicopter for regional travel, owing to the absolute privacy and security private helicopters offer. It helps VIPs avoid the hassles associated with being spotted or surrounded at public places while traveling.

Relatively eco-friendly

Helicopters consume less fuel per passenger than planes, which makes them relatively eco-friendly compared to other modes of travel. Thus, private helicopters can be great choices for environmentally conscious individuals who would like to reduce their carbon footprints while traversing short distances.

Personalized services

Although private helicopters may not offer the entire gamut of personalized services as midsize and large-sized aircraft, one may opt for specific personalization options, including choosing an hors d’oeuvre or beverage of one’s choice.

No queuing up at the airport

Long queues at the airport for checking in, customs and immigration, baggage claim, etc. can waste one’s precious time significantly. Renting a helicopter for regional travel is an excellent option to avoid such airport queues, as the check-in and other processes are extremely quick for private travel.

The helicopter waits for you

Another advantage of flying by a helicopter is that the passenger is not bound by strict flight schedules. In other words, if your scheduled conference has been delayed or extended, your private helicopter awaits you until you have arrived at the airport, regardless of the number of hours by which you are delayed. Such flexibility makes regional travel highly convenient.

Bonus: Breathtaking views!

Last but not least, passengers can enjoy panoramic views of the city and countryside from the comfort of their private helicopters, a luxury that one cannot avail of on-board private aircraft. Consequently, passengers do not miss out on the scenic views afforded by roads and railways, even as their travel duration reduces considerably.

Traveling by a private helicopter is the best bet for quick, comfortable travel to nearby destinations. At BookMyCharters, we offer a diverse fleet of helicopters and turboprops, which can enhance the quality of your short-distance travel considerably while reducing your travel duration. Moreover, by renting – as opposed to buying – a helicopter, you save up a great deal on maintenance and parking. We would be happy to guide you with selecting a private helicopter for your regional travel. Click here to connect with us!