5 Reasons to Board an Empty-Leg Private Jet

Whether it is the sheer convenience of not having to wait in long airport queues or the luxurious nonstop air travel across short and long distances, the benefits of flying private cannot be denied. And one way to have a sneak peek into traveling private is to board a ferry flight or empty-leg private jet. What are empty leg private jets, and what are the benefits of flying by one? Let’s have a look:

What are Empty-Leg Private Jets?

Empty-leg private jets or ferry flights are private jets that have already completed their journeys from the source to the destination and are returning to the source city without any passengers. In some cases, these flights are made available to the public, who receive the opportunity to explore private jet travel at affordable rates. Empty-leg private jets are excellent options for individuals who have never flown private before and would like to experience what private jet travel has to offer.

Benefits of Boarding an Empty-Leg Private Jet

Nonstop air travel

Sometimes, nonstop air travel is not possible between certain cities or towns. Empty-leg private jets offer continuous air travel between specific places, preventing the need to change flights enroute the destination.

No queues at the airports

Empty-leg flights offer all the advantages of traveling by a private jet, including evading long airport queues. The check-in and immigration processes are quick and hassle-free, with a representative to guide one throughout these tasks.

Dedicated terminals

Just like other private jets, empty-leg jets are boarded from dedicated terminals equipped with a luxurious, world-class lounge.

Experience of world-class luxury at affordable rates

Empty-leg jets provide one with a taste of the unparalleled luxury and comfort offered by private jets, from the best quality seat upholstery to personalized service and even the option to convert seats to beds in mid-sized jets or larger aircraft. Moreover, you can choose to pool in with other aspiring private jet passengers and fly private at much more reasonable rates than when flying private at other times.

Customizable food and beverages

On board an empty-leg flight, you can customize your food or beverage, choosing any type of cuisine, from traditional Indian to exotic continental foods. Passengers can also choose alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages as per their preferences.

One thing to remember about empty-leg flights is that one cannot choose the source and destination cities – one would have to keep an eye out for empty-leg flights departing from one’s source city or travel to another city to board the upcoming empty-leg flight. Boarding an empty-leg private jet is a great way to get a sneak peek into all the services and comfort offered by private planes. We would be happy to have you on-board a ferry flight. Click here to connect with us today!