6 Reasons to Charter a Flight to Your Wedding Destination

Marriage is the beginning of a lifelong commitment to go places together, literally and figuratively. And traveling to one’s wedding destination together is the first step to embarking on a pleasant journey to an enchanting destination. Charter flights, with their unparalleled convenience and assured privacy, enhance this experience for couples and their loved ones partaking in this new beginning. Chartering a flight to one’s wedding is becoming increasingly popular among young couples, and for good reason. Stay on with us as we list some of these reasons here.

Flexibility to choose from a variety of jet sizes

Whether it is a quiet, private wedding with one’s immediate relatives and friends or an extravagant one with an elaborate guest list, one has the flexibility to pick from a fleet of jets offered by private jet charter companies for wedding charters. Couples and their families may shortlist a chartered flight of the right size depending on the number of guests.

Easy mode of transportation for guests

Satisfying one’s guests is half the battle won in ensuring a warm, vibrant wedding ceremony. And making the journey to the wedding venue hassle free is perhaps the most affectionate way of welcoming guests to the destination. Wedding charters provide all the comfort and convenience to guests enroute the destination, allowing them to get to know each other, reconnect with old friends and relations, or just relax and get in the groove of celebrations.

Assured privacy on board

One of the many benefits of chartering a flight for one’s wedding is that the charter plane only comprises the couple, its family, and/or wedding invitees, leaving the entire jet at their disposal. With wedding fatigue being a real thing, the couple about to tie the knot and their loved ones deserve a much-needed break to let their hair down. Wedding charters ensure assured privacy to their passengers, providing couples with some well-deserved “us” time before the wedding and the family and friends a chance to relax amid bustling wedding preparations.

Nonstop travel to any local or international destination

Layovers can be a huge put-off for the bride and groom as well as the wedding guests, increasing commute time right when they are all set to have a blast at the wedding. Charter jets are the perfect solutions to avoiding layovers and facilitating nonstop travel to any destination situated within or outside the country.

No queueing up at the airport

There is perhaps nothing more tiresome than waiting in long queues at the airport for simple processes like checking in and customs and immigration. Wedding charters ensure that these processes are incredibly quick and hassle free, so that the couple and the guests are comfortably seated in their flights within minutes of having reached the airport.

Customized food and beverage options

Food requirements and preferences of wedding guests may be varied based on their general consumption patterns and any food allergies or intolerances. Moreover, the couple and its family may want to serve specific types of foods and beverages to their guests to kickstart the celebrations on an epicurean note. With wedding charters, families can customize their food and beverages, providing their guests with a host of options and shortlisting the type of cuisine and meal they deem best, from authentic Indian meals to exotic continental cuisine and petite hors d’oeuvres to sumptuous full-course options.

Chartering a wedding flight is all about traveling to one’s wedding destination on the lap of luxury and providing the wedding guests with a teaser of the hospitality and warmth they are about to witness throughout the occasion. BookMyCharters offers its clients a wide range of flight options, top-notch personalized service and attention on board, flexibility to book a charter based on one’s schedule, and 100% privacy to the bride, groom, their families, and wedding guests on-board the flight. Click here to connect with us and get an instant quote on our wedding charters!