Benefits of Using a Private Charter Company

Booking your flight tickets in an easy task, but what happens when you have to fly private? You can’t just visit a travel booking website or fire up an app. Most likely, you resort to a ‘Google search’ and it takes you to some websites, blogs or links that would guide you through the process.

And, like every other Google search, this one will also engage you to a set of results and options to choose from. From a basic search, you will get results about finding private jet companies, brokers, online charter flight aggregators, companies selling bulk flying hours and much more.

While each service has its own merits, let us look at some of the benefits of a private charter company:

Selecting an Aircraft

When you want to access a private aircraft, an important step is to zero-down on which one you wish to fly in. It depends on the number of people, your budget and some other factors. A good private charter company would enable you to choose from a range of aircrafts giving you just the right one to suit your requirement, every time you fly.

No Maintenance

Many frequent flyers contemplate buying a private jet over chartering one. For most of them a private charter company is a better option. Not only you get to access their vast collection of aircraft, the company looks after airport regulation, maintaining the aircraft and just about everything else on your behalf. This saves you ample time and effort. All you have to do is arrive about 10-15 mins before the take off time and enjoy a relaxed flight.

Ferry Flights

Ferry flights for private charter refer to the trips that are taken when the aircraft needs to be transported from one point to another without any passengers; also, when they are being transported back to the base location after a trip. Most private charter companies offer seats on such flights at throw-away prices. You can avail a private charter flight at subsidised rates by being a member.

Charter Consultancy

A charter consultancy has multiple perks for a frequent flyer. This makes a huge difference in terms of expenses related to private flying. A private charter company recommends the best aircraft, conducts background check, negotiate with the operators for better rates and also takes care of aircraft maintenance.  This enables you to an easy access to the aircraft at any minute, reduce your spend and worry about these tasks.

Access to diverse fleet

When flying in a private aircraft you are bound to have different needs of travel based on the purpose of your travel. To suit this, a private charter company offers diverse range of aircraft for you to choose from. For example, you can choose a heavy jet for international travel, medium jet for business travel to metros and small jet for last mile connectivity.

Flexible payment options

When you avail a service from a private charter company, you are offered with a host of benefits making private flying a hassle free experience. You may opt for ‘pay as go’ model (similar to commercial flights) for occasional flights, or annual membership where you purchase credits in terms of flying hours or  book a seat on ferry flights and private jet shuttle

For most private charter users, especially the new ones, a private charter company is an irreplaceable option among other alternatives. Make sure you book with the right company the next time you are looking to book a private charter and avail all these benefits!