Should You Buy An Aircraft?

Buying an aircraft is not like buying a car; it is more complex, except if you have a methodical approach and a clear plan of action. They say luxury is the prime purpose of private jets. But it’s a myth. Some people buy if they have a passion for flying and then there are people who buy jets depending on their business needs to fly several hours in a year. So it is completely dependent on the user’s purpose. Performance, features and costs are some of the terms to be kept in mind for first time aircraft buyers. Getting a professional guidance from an experienced aircraft broker is also of prime importance while making the right aircraft selection, as well as to a successful acquisition. There are various factors to be considered as to why you should buy a private jet. (Credits-

Acquisition Budget:

The first place to start is always the budget. How much should you spend on a private jet? An aircraft is a tool which is used to propel business growth and make your life simple. Depending on your need, you should first decide whether to buy a new aircraft or to rent a used one.

Flying Hours:

Second thing to should be asking yourself is, how much do you fly in a year? If you spend 100 to 200 hrs a year in the sky, then it’s just ok to rent a private jet. But if it’s more like 250 to 500 hrs, its best to own a private jet. It doesn’t matter if you are using it for business purpose or for leisure. What matters the most is the annual flying hours.

Travel Routine:

The type of travel for which a private jet is intended. Like, are you going to fly one way and return on the same day? do you plan to stay at the destination for a week or more? If you fly and return on the same day then it is not a matter of concern. But if it’s the other way around then the pilots, crew and the plane itself must be accommodated for that entire period of time or sent home. In both cases, once added up, those costs may very well outweigh the benefits of buying in the first place.


It is very important to know the range of an aircraft as to where the aircraft can reach before taking a second fuel stop. Whether the destination can be accessed nonstop or will a stop along the way be acceptable? If you mostly fly within the country, a mid jet should suffice the need, however if you are a frequent international flyer, you should consider buying a heavy jet.


There are various features to consider, like, cabin size, number of seats, lavatory and baggage volume. Stand-up cabins are always comfortable, the bigger the cabin, the bigger the space. They can easily accommodate a group of 6 to 10 people. Then the last thing which comes to our mind is the storage space. What is it that you need the storage space for? Some mid and light aircrafts have baggage compartments loadable only from the interior, while others have larger exterior baggage space in the nose and tail of the aircraft.

Runway Performance:

It is very important to know the runway lengths of the airports which we use frequently. Larger aircrafts usually require more runways for take-off and landing. The lighter the aircraft, less runway needed.