Private Plane Charter

Ease Your Fear of Flying: Fly By Private Jet

 According to the International Civil Aviation Organization, 40 per cent of adults around the world suffer from aviophobia or ‘fear of flight’. Aviophobia is characterized by an often extreme avoidance of planes or anything associated with flying, including airports. Someone with severe aviophobia might even “organize (their) life around avoiding flying,” as psychologist Patricia Furness-Smith writes in Flying with Confidence.

As with other phobias, aviophobia is linked to feelings of anxiety and is linked to different fears as well such as fear of a plane crash, fear of heights, or simply the fear of not being in control. While statistics show that flying is actually safer than driving, when an individual suffers from aviophobia, it’s extremely difficult to rationalize the situation.

Suffering from aviophobia is stressful enough but the situation becomes even more complicated when an individual has to regularly travel by flight. Business persons and people working in the entertainment and sports industry have no choice but to fly all the time, from city to city and country to country.

Opting to travel by private jet could alleviate some of the symptoms of aviophobia by offering the traveler a more convenient and customized form of travel. In this article, we will look at how travelling by a private jet could be the perfect solution to an individual’s fear of flight.

Personal Jet Travel Is Completely Private and Tailored To A Traveler’s Needs

Private plane charter services offer an individual a completely private and customized experience, tailored exactly to their needs. Travelling by a personal jet ensures that the pre-boarding processes are handled in a quick and easy manner. This will definitely help eliminate any nervous flight build-up. Travelling without groups of strangers can also reduce anxiety as the individual doesn’t need to worry about panicking in front of others – one can board a private jet in peace. And once the individual boards their private jet, they will experience such comfort and luxuries that even the most nervous of flyers will completely relax.

Find Comfort Cuisine On A Private Plane Charter

When it comes to calming the nerves, there’s nothing like comfort food to help one feel at ease. Whether an individual needs a glass of wine or just knows that their favorite meal will be served onboard a personal jet, thoughtful and carefully planned cuisine on a personal jet can go a long way in helping a person who suffers from aviophobia.

A Private Plane Charter Allows You To Travel With A Pet

It’s a known fact that animals can greatly reduce human stress and anxiety. However, there are many restrictions that an individual has to adhere to while travelling in the air with a pet. In most cases, the individual is separated from their pet during the duration of the flight. But in the case of a private jet, a pet is more than welcome to accompany an individual on their journey after following a few practical, standard procedures.

Personal Attention Given By The Cabin Crew Of A Private Plane Charter

Another unique aspect of flying by personal jet is that the individual will be looked after by personal cabin crew who know all their needs and preferences. Professionally trained to handle all kinds of situations, they’ll actually help create a more tranquil environment. Cabin crews aboard a private jet are equipped to efficiently and calmly explain flight conditions during any troubling situations and will make sure the situation is comfortable at all times.

Ultimately, it takes a lot of effort for individuals to completely eliminate aviophobia from their lives. Remember to always seek out medical professional help first. Nevertheless, sorting out the most ideal way to travel in the form of a private plane charter service is one positive step to take in dealing with the issue.