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Helicopter Landing Areas: What Are They & Where Can They Be Built?

A helicopter landing area is an area of land or water (or an area on a structure on land) intended for use wholly or partly for the safe arrival or departure of helicopters. It’s quite amazing how helicopter landing areas can be constructed in a variety of locations such as on the rooftops of buildings or on board a ship. They can even be temporary constructions in war zones and disaster areas. In this article, we look at different helicopter landing areas that suit different helicopter charter services.


A heliport is a small airport containing one or more helipads and may have limited facilities such as fuel facilities, lighting, a windsock, and even hangars. In larger towns and cities, custom facilities may be available at a heliport. An example of a heliport would be India’s first integrated heliport that was inaugurated in Delhi last February. It consists of a terminal building with a capacity for 150 passengers, 4 hangers with parking capacities for 16 private helicopters, and 9 parking bays. Helicopter charter services such as helicopter maintenance, disaster management, emergency air medical services and law-and-order surveillance are also provided.

When constructing a heliport, certain standard site requirements need to be fulfilled such as a proper touchdown and lift-off area, final approach and take-off areas, marking, safety areas, passenger services facilities and security requirements, etc.

Two important types of heliports are business heliports and hospital heliports. While business heliports understand the business priorities of helicopter charter services and the importance of point-to-point capability of the private helicopter, they also keep zoning restrictions, building codes, and community approvals as the main regulations to follow. In the case of helicopter charter services for trauma, hospital heliports work towards the efficient and timely transport of patients. The proximity of the heliport to patient treatment areas and outstanding helicopter services for trauma are equally significant priorities.



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A helideck is a helicopter landing area on board a ship or an offshore rig. Unlike surface helipads, helidecks are very complicated to design and fabricate. Along with following standard helicopter landing area procedures, there are crucial and specific regulations to follow when constructing a helideck such as:

– The take-off and landing area should be designed for the heaviest and largest helicopter anticipated to use the facility. However, immunity from corrosion is also an essential area to address.

– The landing area should have an overall coating of non-slip material and all markings on the surface of the landing area should be finished with the same non-slip materials.

– Given the competing requirements for space, the location of the helideck is often compromised.

– Helidecks should be at or above the highest point of the main structure.



The helipad is simply the landing area or platform for helicopters and powered lift aircraft. One or more helipads can form a heliport. There are 4 broad types of helipads that can be constructed to provide any type of helicopter charter services:

-Surface or ground level helipads are located at the ground level at any elevation.

– Rooftop helipads are located on the roof of any building.

– Helipads are located on stilts.

– Floating helipads are located on floating structures on water bodies.


Portable Helipad

It is not always beneficial nor is it possible to follow set procedures during helicopter rescues, air ambulance missions, natural disaster management, military operations, etc. It is only during such situations that a portable helipad can be constructed.

One of the main advantages of the portable helipad is its versatility to provide quick, safe and efficient landing sites in deserts, swamps, mountains, steep slopes, rivers, etc under the toughest of conditions. As a tool to establish further efficiency and safety in the economy, the portable helipad brings new dimensions to logistical helicopter charter services and operations carried out by the military and the government.

Whatever the nature of the mission, the helicopter is a machine that is extremely advantageous in many ways. And when helicopter landing areas are constructed in full compliance with helicopter aviation and state regulations, they greatly support helicopter charter services and are extremely beneficial components of a high-functioning and progressive economy.

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