Ferry Flights: Turning conveyance into indulgence

Private jets are meant for the ultra-rich and privileged ones, but it is not entirely true when you can easily hop on a ferry flight, aka the empty leg of a private jet at 80% less. Ferry flights are trips a private charter makes without a designated set of passengers for repositioning. It occurs for various reasons, such as positioning an aircraft to its next location, returning it to base, or taking a trip to a maintenance base for upkeep purposes.

Ferry flights are known as empty leg flights, empty leg of a private charter, and repositioning flights. There are a few reasons why these trips are taken by private charters. Let’s understand the scenarios that make them a lucrative opportunity for using a private jet on a budget:

Maintenance Flights

Like every other machine, a private charter also needs to be serviced regularly for it to run efficiently. And for that, it must be taken to a maintenance station. The transit from the airport where the aircraft is docked to the airport with a maintenance station is the reason for these flights. As there are no designated fliers, the seats on these flights are up for customers to be availed.

Non-revenue Flights

After completing a transit and dropping off the fliers to their destination, a charter plane must be returned to its base to suit any other bookings that are made for it or if any maintenance tasks need to be undertaken. These flights do not have any set of fliers and are open for customers to avail a luxurious travel on them.

Repositioning Flights

Most charter planes are docked at a certain base when there are no bookings made for them. But once there is a booking, that aircraft must be sent to the booking location. This transit is either charged as a ferry flight fee to the customer or it is waived off by the charter plane company. However, in such a case, the company lets customers avail seats on this flight.

Now that we know the concept of ferry flights a little better, let’s look at its benefits for a potential flyer like you:

  • A ferry flight is a mode of transport that is cheap while providing luxurious travel. These flights are almost way cheaper as compared to the pricing of a regular charter flight.
  • Anyone who has travelled on an airplane can appreciate the ease that comes with a private charter. The comfortable seats, never-ending leg space, and no early arrival requirement are only a few.
  • In most cases, a ferry flight costs less than a business class ticket but gives you a completely upgraded experience in terms of luxury.

So go ahead and explore all the ferry flights that are waiting for you to enjoy a luxurious journey!