Flying Private: Explore The New Travel Era

Flying Private: Explore The New Travel Era

The pandemic has altered the way millions of travellers view commercial travel. The idea of crowded airport terminals and cramped aircraft cabins has now more than ever led leisure travellers to consider flying private for the very first time, with numerous private aviation providers reporting unprecedented interest among new customers.

Normally, the luxury of private jet travel is synonymous with the rich and privileged, but its advantages now include health and safety. As the population of the world starts a gradual return to the sky, commercial aircraft are becoming increasingly crowded and the options tend to be simple: stay home, risk travelling with crowd or travelling private.

While the latter is the most expensive, flying private has several advantages in providing a safe travel experience that involves avoiding the airport terminal and not thinking about social distancing onboard the aircraft.

While the numerous incentives to choose private jet travel — customised VIP service, crowds and lines avoidance, social distancing on-board, trouble-free security checks — remain constant, these elements are more desirable than ever in the face of the pandemic.

“Flying private won’t add years to your life but it will bring years of fun to your life.”

It is at times like these that private aviation’s speed, performance, versatility and protection come to the fore. The opportunity to fly anywhere and get home easily at the notice of a moment is proving invaluable. By avoiding large numbers of people and reducing interaction with others, private aviation will help to reduce infection spread to travellers.

Another factor of rising demand has been the cuts to commercial flights serving numerous small and medium sized cities, leaving insufficient options for travellers. Confronted with numerous connexions and stopovers, a private direct flight looks ever so tempting.

Whether it’s health-risk issues or simply getting where you need to be, the choices are now being looked at by individuals and businesses who have the means to travel private but have previously resisted it.

Flying Private Offers Added Safety Measures 

In response to the pandemic, we at BookMyCharters have taken extraordinary measures to demonstrate these. After each flight, each cockpit and cabin is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected, all aircrafts are fully loaded with personal protective equipment kits for passengers and crew members — This shows the extra safety measures private jets are taking care of.

Air charter service is a convenient alternative to cramped planes and ever-changing airline policies. Getting the whole plane to yourself and choosing others decreases the cumulative risk of spreading proximity and comes with plenty of extra benefits when implicitly assisting commercial flyers.

While personal protective equipment should still be worn, flying private is now considered a safer mode of travel due to considerably fewer touchpoints on any given journey. But also social distancing is easier because at most airports flyers can drive straight up to an aircraft without having to undergo a security check and have their transportation ready for planeside when they arrive. 

The New Travel Era Post Pandemic

Aviation in the post-lockdown era will be difficult, from low demand to no duty-free shops, before the COVID-19 pandemic is over the sector will have to comply with the social distancing norms. 

Private jets sector is experiencing a progressive rise. Private Jets market is another business field that is currently witnessing a great demand. Although the tourists are travelling as normal, first time travellers are experiencing a spike. In COVID-19 days, even repatriation flights now occur on private jets all over the globe.

With COVID 19 totally changed flying, even after lockdown, this condition is unlikely to change. Until the flight services resume, at the time of luggage and when boarding flights, passengers would be expected to follow social distancing norms to prevent long queues to mass crowding.

Arrive sooner than expected time at your destination —  Taking a private jet means avoiding both customs and immigration queues. You can easily disembark from the plane and climb into your ride as soon as the plane landes. But apart from that, private travel appears to be much quicker than commercial flight, since private aviation is not bound to fixed routes and schedules.

Air charter service is luxury in itself. While the cost of private aviation is often high, the advantages of flying private far outweigh its price tag when it comes to health and safety benefits.

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