Have Your Pet Beside You

Have Your Pet Beside You

Looking for the perfect way to fly with your pets? We, at BookMyCharters, give you the most pet-friendly doggone way to fly with your furry friends.

YES! You don’t have to leave your beloved pets at home anymore. Enjoy flying with your dogs and cats! Private jets give your pets more versatility and independence when it comes to air travel. 

Now, imagine how much fun it would be to fly on a chartered plane with your beloved pet. As you already know, chartering a flight is more than just getting into privacy and comfort from point A to point B — but it is an experience in itself. 

Your needs and desires are fulfilled, and these same courtesies are extended to your furry companion. You and your pet will both be carefree while flying in private. 

Flight services of BookMyCharters are pet-friendly. We make sure, you have a smooth and stress-free ride with your pet.

For most of us, pets are like family members. They are constant sources of comfort, care, and affection, and they are often more fun to be around than any of the people you might meet.

It is the mutual affection for our pets and our ability to protect them in their state of cute innocence that makes many people anxious and uncertain about traveling with their pets, moving around the country, or relocating to another hemisphere in a new home.

In commercial airlines, you need to give yourself enough time at the airport to get through screening for both you and your pets, along with checking all of their paperwork and certifications. 

Your pet may be uncomfortably packed inside its crate for the length of their journey, inside an aircraft’s cargo hold, pushed into the overhead compartment, or worse.

Sending your pet in a long cargo flight can be anxiety-inducing. Moreover, not all commercial flights allow a pet to be on board, or heavy fees are paid. 

The main difference between chartering a private jet and flying in first class is this: flying private is all about you and the airline is all about flying. Chartering a private jet gives you the ability to go wherever you want in an environment designed specifically to suit your individual needs.

Your pet will be right next to you on a private jet, enjoying the same amount of comfort as you do.

Ultimately, all that we want is to make your pet’s travel experience as easy and safe as yours.

Main Benefits of Flying in a Private Jet with Your Pet 

  • Comfort – Pets fly with their owner in the aircraft cabin, rather than in the hold
  • Hold 2, 3, 4… dogs – Unlike commercial aircraft, Private jet has no limitation; 
  • Less stressful experience of travel – Pets feel more relaxed
  • No seasonal travel restrictions like other airlines – Fly any time of year
  • Peace of mind –  You won’t have to think about leaving your pets in a cargo hold or at home.

All you need is to contact us in advance when making your request, and we will match your specifications to the best aircraft available. 

A flight can be a stressful experience for a pet, and the soothing presence of its owner can lessen this stress on a private jet charter. Your pets will fly with you on a private flight in the cabin of the plane, rather than in the hold.

Chartering a pet-friendly private jet will allow you to fly in the most comfortable, stress-free way possible with your dogs, cats, and other pets.

Contact BookMyCharters today to charter a private and pet-friendly flight!!