Private Jet Wedding

Private Jet Charter for Weddings Amid COVID-19

Coronavirus has struck us all in some way or the other everybody has been affected by the pandemic. Due to this, there is a major impact on the travel industry, and for many of us, traveling commercially is something that seems like a long shot, even in the near future. 

COVID-19 has badly affected weddings and events, and it looks like the new normal would be to find ways to still make weddings happen while remaining healthy.

Lockdowns are easing globally, but Coronavirus is still very much a threat, and commercial leisure air travel, such as for a wedding or honeymoon destination, still looks like a long shot. 

Because of travel limits, health and well-being issues, and lockdowns due to the pandemic, several couples also had to rethink their forthcoming nuptials. 

Since wedding celebrations are an integral part of Indian culture, you can still get your destination wedding successful amid the pandemic and even in a post-pandemic world with private jets.

For those preparing their exotic destination wedding this year, it has come as a great disappointment, not only with the wedding being shelved but also with the emotional and financial loss that comes with wit.

But here’s a solution that could work for some of those couples. Yes, given the current situation, whether it’s a wedding in India or anywhere in the world, private jets are the perfect way to fly for a destination wedding.

However, a private jet may sound daunting to many of us, it’s more available than we think it is. Yeah, including the most luxurious ones, which for everyone, including your guests, can be quite an exciting and unforgettable experience.

BookMyCharters is a valuable choice for destination weddings which can be considered right now. Of course, the costs involved might be a concern for many, but if you look at the bigger picture — the loss of canceling a destination wedding that has already been scheduled or arranged or that you want to have in the months to come but the inability to do so — then it seems like an idea worth looking at.

We provide wedding aircraft charters, ensuring that family and friends can be part of the big day, no matter how exclusive or exotic the destination might be.

We make sure the private jet service fits in with the appropriate event schedules, match hotel check-in, and check-out times with departure and arrival times. You can even customize the on-board catering or interior of the aircraft for an extra added touch according to the wedding theme.

Another best part about chartering your wedding private jet is that you can fly all of your guests on the same plane, so you’re on time for your special day. You may also want to infuse your wedding with some VIP style by flying on a private jet to your honeymoon, which will allow you to celebrate in privacy and peace and avoid being stuck at a commercial airport.

Choosing a private jet is a wise option for your special occasion as nobody wants to be confined to hundreds of people with unknown travel records. Besides, consumers using private jets to transport elderly parents turn out to have a more calculated business view. What’s more, if one is relocating, private trips encourage individuals to take their pets on board.

There is also a private bedroom and bathroom in certain private jets, you can listen to your favorite music, drink your favorite wine or champagne, and have a particular dining menu.

So it’s super interesting that the whole experience can be tailored to suit the customer’s needs. Choosing an air charter service is also a smart choice because it can dramatically reduce travel time, the scheduling can be changed to meet everybody’s needs, and of course one can do away with the trouble of airport queues!

Here are some additional benefits of a private jet for weddings amid COVID:

Personalized Experience

Your dedicated charter specialist is available 24/7 to assist you with any requirements you may have, from in-flight cooking plans to late charter adjustments.

Build Your Schedule

Depending on your preferences, you can set your personalized schedule, regardless of your particular wedding party preferences. 

Connection to More Airports

This enables travelers to arrive closer to their final destination instead of jumping flights, for those under-serviced areas. 

Choice of Aircraft

BookMyCharters will source the right aircraft for your requirements.

Additional Safety Measures

In a private jet, it becomes easy for you to maintain social distancing. The expert team ensures to provide a hygienic and safe environment for you and your guests.

Another great thing is that it’s not just weddings for families that can be chartered. It is possible to charter events such as bachelor parties, bachelorettes, and even honeymoons for a party or individuals, which can be a perfect idea for those finding a way during these periods to carry out their plans.

So what are you waiting for? Plan your destination wedding with us and we will make sure to make this a memorable experience!