Helicopters To Everywhere: BookMyCharters Is Bringing India Closer

The aviation market in India is rapidly expanding. The year 2017 was the 22nd year in a row of India being the world’s fastest growing domestic travel market. In terms of volume of passengers, the country is on course to becoming the world’s third-largest market by 2026. Working hard to achieve all-round development, aviation is one of the major sectors that is pushing India there.

However, one section of aviation that hasn’t received due attention is the helicopter sector. In 2015, the country only had 277 privately owned helicopters. To give this sector a boost, the first Heli Expo India convention was held in November 2017. During this convention, the Tourism Minister of Uttarakhand Satpal Maharaj pointed out the many benefits of helicopters taxi services including better connectivity to various remote locations. There are many destinations in India that are visited for religious, tourist, and business purposes. But due to poor connectivity, these locations are unable to garner as much popularity as they deserve.

At the Heli Expo India convention, it was announced that as per the new NCAP (National Civil Aviation Policy), helicopters are free to fly from point to point without prior ATC clearance in airspace below 5,000 feet. Taking into account the efforts that the government is taking to bridge this gap in the helicopter sector of India, these signs clearly point to a brighter future for this industry. According to Kapil Kaul, India head of CAPA (Centre of Asia Pacific Aviation), it is expected that the number of helicopters in India will increase to over 800 in the next decade or two.

Pilot in helicopter

While these moves by the government are helpful, what is truly needed is a nudge from the private aviation sector. A helicopter should be available at a moment’s notice. Only then does it fulfil the functionality that makes it crucial for an individual interested in private travel. For this reason, BookMyCharters has ventured into the space of helicopter rental along with their core service of private jet charters. With the help of our online services along with the mobile application, customers can book a helicopter at any time.

With the perfect combination of the latest technology and superior elegance, BookMyCharters has an extensive fleet of helicopters with additions constantly being made. We hope to increase the number of instances of helicopter travel within India to any kind of location. Whatever the situation, you can fully depend on BookMyCharters to assist you from beginning to end.