Here’s How Private Jets Redefine Your Flying Experience

Your journey is yours alone, even when it comes to air travel. Although the private-jet industry gained significant momentum against the backdrop of COVID-19, it has continued to enjoy immense popularity among flyers, signifying the universal recognition of its perks. From brief local trips to extravagant international vacations, private jets are being used for a multitude of purposes. Today, these jets redefine one’s flying experience in myriad ways:

Autonomy and Privacy

From the moment you arrive at the airport to when you get off the aircraft, the entire flight journey is about you – and you alone. Such assured privacy stems from not having to commute with hundreds of other passengers. Entrepreneurs and top-level executives often organize business meetings on board or choose to have enriching interactions with clients, prospects, and team members.

Moreover, many private jets that are mid-sized or larger entail seats convertible to incredibly comfortable double beds entailing superior-quality linen. Fine dining, watching your favourite movies or shows, spending undisturbed quality time with your loved ones, working in isolation, and listening to your favourite playlist are some other ways to utilize your time on-board a private plane.

You Choose your Co-Passengers

Another perk? You choose whether you would like to have co-passengers and, if so, who it should be. So, take your family and friends on a fun-filled vacation or your board of directors for an on-air team meeting over a full-course meal – it’s totally your choice.

You Choose your Mode of Entertainment

No matter how unique your genre and rare your collection, we have got you covered. Private jets allow you to have a fun-filled journey with your choice of movies, shows, music, and reading material.

You Choose your Time

Delayed by two hours and hustling to board your flight on time? Not anymore. Private planes await you at the airport, and a representative takes you through the end-to-end check-in processes. This representative also ensures your hassle-free navigation to your exclusive private jet.

One-on-Ones with the Pilot

Has your interaction with the pilot been restricted to “Hello ladies and gentlemen…this is your pilot…”? With private planes, you can have one-on-one interactions with your pilot. Furthermore, the pilot typically awaits you outside your plane, welcomes you on board, and briefs you about your journey.

You Choose your Food and Beverage

If you are craving sushi for lunch, your wish is our command. From traditional Indian to exotic continental, we have it all on our platter, complete with an elaborate bar menu for an exemplary epicurean experience.

What’s more, you can glance through our fleet and pick from a wide range of aircraft based on the purpose of your travel, the number of travellers, your budget, and your preference. Bon voyage!