Overcoming Jetlag with Some Simple but Essential Steps

Jetlag is perhaps the closest one can get to the belief that “time is an illusion.” Two opposite time zones connected by a long, arduous journey can have several adverse effects on the body and mind, often causing various repercussions, including exhaustion, difficulties with concentration and memory, compromised sleep quality, and constant drowsiness.

Studies suggest that nearly 60-70% long-haul travellers experience jetlag in some form. If you are preparing for a long air journey and are looking to manage jetlag symptoms better, have a look at some of our quick tips.

Arrive early for your flight

Arriving early at the airport allows one plenty of time to rest before the flight, reducing the effects of jetlag. It is advisable to wear comfortable clothes that do not irritate the skin while sleeping at the airport. Luxurious private-jet terminals offer a host of amenities, including VIP lounge facilities, complimentary refreshments, Wi-Fi connectivity, a la carte services, and exclusive transport to and from aircrafts. Such facilities allow passengers to ensure adequate rest before international flights and prevent jetlag.

Stay hydrated to prevent jetlag

Dehydration can worsen jetlag symptoms, as the body needs plenty of water to combat the effects of dry cabin air in the flight. It is advisable to drink sufficient water before, on-board, and after one’s flight to avoid such consequences. Private-jet travellers can pre-order their choice of fresh beverages, including fresh fruit juices, shakes, and smoothies, to be served on board, ensuring hydration while satisfying your taste buds.

Change your body clock gradually

Your body can react adversely to sudden shifts in schedule, which is expected upon travelling to a country with a different time zone. Consequently, jetlag can hit harder for individuals who do not prep their bodies in advance to the time zone of the destination. An effective hack to beating jetlag is to gradually begin following the destination time zone even while at the source country. Although this process may seem challenging at first, it can significantly help get accustomed to the new schedule seamlessly.

Beat jetlag with a sleep mask and earplugs

Sometimes, it can be a task to fall asleep in airplanes, regardless of how comfortable the journey is. However, adequate sleep is essential to reduce the impact of jetlag and feel rested. Using a sleep mask, ear plugs, and other such aids can help one fall asleep more soundly on flights. If you are flying on-board a private plane, your sleep mask, earplugs, and other sleep aids can be easily arranged. Moreover, the seats can be converted to comfortable double beds in all mid-sized and larger private aircraft offered by BookMyCharters.

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