Here’s why to Charter a Jet to Venice Biennale, Venice’s Vibrant Cultural Exhibition

Have you heard about the “Olympics of the art world”? Well, we are talking about the grand Venice Biennale, one of the most prestigious art exhibitions worldwide. If you are an art connoisseur, this exhibition is the place to be for you this April. The Venice Biennale witnesses footfalls of over six lakh art enthusiasts every alternate year from all over the world and features the works of thousands of contemporary artists from various countries. This festival is all set to begin on April 20th, so here’s why one should consider chartering a jet to the Venice Biennale this year:

The Venice Biennale is more than just aesthetics

The Venice Biennale becomes a melting pot of social, political, and cultural ideas with a massive potential to drive collective change at a global level. This is because most of the art works exhibited here have social, economic, or cultural contexts, and they are often instrumental in starting discussions on some of the most pressing or significant topics that the world is faced with at the moment. So, the Venice Biennale is more than just an aesthetically pleasing fair – it also provides a much-needed space for creative expression.

The exhibition encourages other forms of art besides paintings

Although the Venice Biennale is primarily about paintings and sculptures, it acknowledges the fact that all forms of creative expression must be encouraged and promoted. So, it also sets the stage for riveting dance and music performances, film screenings, and theatrical performances. So, whether you are an art enthusiast, a dance and music aficionado, or a theatre person, you are sure to find your place in the Venice Biennale.

There is a rich cultural history to this art fair

Another reason for the Venice Biennale’s immense popularity over the centuries is its rich cultural history – one that intrigues patrons and makes it a tried-and-tested art fair. The first Venice Biennale was held in honour of the silver jubilee wedding anniversary of King Umberto I and Queen Margherita in April 1893. On this occasion, the Venetian Government decided to set up a national biennale exhibition of art, together with an orphanage. Ever since, the Venice Biennale has been held religiously almost every other year, becoming an indelible part of Venice’s cultural activities.

Different countries have their distinct national pavilions

As mentioned earlier, there are several countries that participate in this art festival, and the organizers decided early on to make this process more systematic by encouraging these countries to build their own distinct national pavilions to exhibit their indigenous art works. Belgium’s national pavilion, established in 1907, was the first of its kind. Germany, Hungary and Britain followed close, and at present, there are 30 national pavilions at the site. Although there is no space for more national pavilions to be constructed, other countries may organize their art shows at the Arsenal, the palazzos, etc. So, one can pick a country and explore all its contemporary art works to understand its socioeconomic and political scenarios or check out the art works of multiple countries.

Three main awards are presented at the Venice Biennale

The jury at the Venice Biennale primarily presents three awards – a Golden Lion awarded to the best participant in the main show; a Golden Lion for the best national participation; and a Silver Lion for the most promising young participant. Also, the Artistic Director proposes a Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement. This means that the festival provides much-needed encouragement to promising and established artists and genuinely appreciates talent at a global level.

Over the centuries, the Venice Biennale has emerged as one of the most popular art exhibitions in the world, and for good reason. This year, the Venice Biennale is all set to flag off its activities on April 20, inviting artists and connoisseurs from across the world. So, this April, it’s time to book a private plane to Venice, enjoying all the luxury, privacy and prestige of international private jets. We would love to help you rent a private plane to the Venice Biennale this year. Click here to connect with us and find out about private airplane prices in India and other details!