5 Intriguing Facts About the US Golf Masters: Rent a Private Plane to the Event in 2024

With the US Golf Masters around the corner, it’s time for golf aficionados to book their tickets to Alberta once again. Held every year in Augusta since 1934, this festival celebrates the sport like none other. Golf players of various exceptional calibers, including U.S. Open champions, Masters champions, current Olympics gold medalists, and current U.S. Amateur runners up and champions, participate in the event, making it one of the biggest golf events globally. So, here are some intriguing facts about the U.S. golf masters that will make you want to rent a luxury private jet to the event this year:

It is the only tournament held at the same venue every year

The U.S. Golf Masters is the only golf tournament that has been held in the same venue, i.e., the Augusta National Golf Club, every year since it started being played in 1934. As a result, seasoned golf players who are regulars at the event are highly familiar with the golf course and how to play at the venue. The Augusta National Golf Club is a private golf course located in Augusta, Georgia, so one would need to book a private jet to Augusta to attend the event.

Every hole in the course is named after a plant

It’s quite impossible to imagine this at the moment, but the vast Augusta National Golf Club course once used to be a nursery. And that explains why every hole in the golf course is named after a plant. So, pink dogwood, tea olive, magnolia, white dogwood, azalea, and yellow jasmine are some hole names you would come across while at the Augusta National Golf Club course.

Every year, the previous year’s winner hosts a Champions Dinner

A ritual followed every year in the Golf Masters is that the previous Masters winner gets to host a Champions Dinner on the tournament week’s Tuesday night. The Champions Dinner by Tiger Woods, who served delicious chicken sandwiches, cheeseburgers, french fries and milkshakes, is a particularly noteworthy one out of all the Champions Dinners hosted by previous winners.

The course is surrounded by lush pine trees

Pine is the most abundantly found tree in Augusta, and the Augusta National Golf Club is ensconced by several species of pine trees – shortleaf pines, loblolly pines, eastern white pines, and slash pines, to name a few. The lush vegetation around the course enhances its aesthetic appeal and is another reason to charter a plane to this location.

You can treat yourself to the iconic Masters egg salad sandwich

The recipe to the Masters egg salad sandwich is perhaps the tournament’s most well-kept secret. And your trip to the Masters is incomplete without digging into this delightful preparation, which consists of the egg salad and pimento cheese spread. This sandwich probably began being served at the Masters tournaments in the early 1950s, though the exact year isn’t known. Since then, it has remained a favorite among patrons

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