Indian Air Ambulance Market to Witness an Exponential Growth, and Here’s Why

It’s perhaps time to change the evergreen proverb to “A flight in time saves nine.”

The requirement for air ambulances has risen at an unprecedented rate, globally and in India, over the past few years. An air ambulance refers to a designated aircraft equipped to transport patients to medical care centres for further treatment. These ambulances entail advanced equipment to care for patients on board during medical emergencies.

According to a report by Research and Markets, the Indian air-ambulance market is expected to exhibit remarkable growth over the years, creating several prospects for inbound and outbound medical tourism. Let’s have a look at some reasons for this expected growth in the operation of air ambulances:

Increasing cases of chronic health conditions

As per data collected in 2022, 21 out of every 100 elderly Indians reported to be grappling with chronic health diseases, particularly diabetes and hypertension. Moreover, the incidences of cancer are expected to increase by 12.8% in 2025. Such rising incidences of major health diseases have fuelled the need for advanced medical treatment and care, paving the way for speedy, efficient means of transportation from the patient’s home city to healthcare centres equipped to perform such advanced interventions. Air ambulances typically fly at speeds of around 80-100 mph, with some capable of attaining speeds of 200 mph. In emergency cases, quick transportation to hospitals can ensure immediate treatment and save lives, which explains the relevance of air ambulances.

A rise in the population of senior citizens

As of 2021, the percentage of senior citizens in India is 10.1%, which is likely to increase to 13.1% in 2031. This rise in the population of senior citizens is primarily owing to life being prolonged due to medical advancement. The frequency of medical emergencies also increases with a surge in the elderly population, warranting the need for quick and efficient medical services, including transportation facilities. The demand for air ambulances is also likely to increase as a result, as more and more senior citizens require care and timely treatment.

A surge in medical tourism in India

According to estimates by the Hindustan Times, about 2 million patients visit India every year for medical and IVF treatments, and the medical tourism industry in the country is expected to emerge as a 13 billion-dollar industry by 2026. Consequently, the current era is a highly promising time for air ambulances, both inbound and outbound, and the market is likely to expand further with the predicted increase in medical tourism in India.

Rising cases of accidents and injuries

Over 1.5 lakh cases of fatalities due to road accidents were reported in India in 2022. Moreover, with passenger-car market unit sales expected to reach 3,373.22k vehicles in 2027, the requirement for emergency services in case of accidents is also expected to increase, paving the way for more air ambulances.

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