4 Types of Private Jets You Must Know About

One of the most significant advantages of renting a private jet is the liberty to pick the type of flight depending on your requirements and purpose of the journey. Knowing the different types of private jets can help you make the right decision each time you choose to fly private. Here are some types of private jets one should know about:


Turbo propellers, commonly called turboprops, are the most cost-effective among private jets for rent. Today, as the business world broadens its horizons, several factories are typically being established in smaller, more remote places in the country.  Many of these areas do not have commercial airports or wide runways.

Owing to their petite sizes (typically of about 4.8 feet), turboprops can be easily landed in such places, saving one’s commute time after landing. Moreover, turboprops can fly efficiently at speeds lower than 725 km/h; therefore, they are suitable for short journeys within the state or to nearby states and cities. Turboprops are basic aircraft that do not entail any luxury features like galleys or large storage facilities. Hence, they are highly utility-based and are used by entrepreneurs, political leaders, and celebrities for business tours, campaigns, and shooting in remote areas.

Light jets

Although light jets are similar to turboprops in terms of their sizes, they are propelled by jet engines instead of propellers. Thus, they can fly faster than turboprops and at higher altitudes. Light jets such as some of Dassault’s Falcon light jets have cruising speeds of 564 miles per hour. The rentals for these jets are higher than that for turboprops; however, they are more affordable than the other private jet categories. Light jets can be typically used for travel within the country. Most light jets are purely utility-based and do not entail additional amenities like galleys.

Mid-sized jets

Mid-sized jets have a cabin height of about 5.8 feet and approximate speeds of 470–530 miles per hour. Hence, these are relatively long-range jets that can facilitate nonstop travel to places situated within the country and some nearby international destinations. Most mid-sized jets have ample cargo space and are equipped with galleys having microwave and storage facilities, allowing one to enjoy full-course meals on board. These jets are highly luxurious, with many of them having seats that may be converted to comfortable beds. However, mid-sized jets for rent are more expensive than the very light and light jet categories.

Heavy jets

Heavy jets are among the longest-range jets, with a range of up to 7,000 nautical miles. Hence, they are perfect for nonstop long-distance travel within and beyond the country. These jets entail galleys and large storage spaces, facilitating comfort, convenience, and luxury. With a cabin height of around 6.2 feet, they are highly spacious and offer more passenger capacity than other jets. These are the most expensive private jets, consisting of galleys and fully reclining seats that may be converted to beds.

The first step to shortlisting the type of jet to rent or charter is understanding your requirements and the number of passengers to be accommodated. For example, a turboprop, as opposed to a mid-sized or heavy jet, would be well-suited to short-distance travel to a remote place. In contrast, one should charter a mid-sized or heavy jet while embarking on a vacation to an international destination. We would love to help you shortlist your private plane for your next air travel. Click here to connect with us and rent a private jet today!