Know Your Charter: A Guide To Finding Your Ideal Jet

Private jet travel can make transit time productive, recreational, or relaxing. It is accompanied by a feeling of elegance that is unrivalled. But to make an informed decision when choosing the aircraft that is perfect for your trip, one must know about the range of options available.

BookmyCharters has a diverse range of fleet to choose from for every passenger. If you’re confused about the ideal aircraft for you, read on to figure out which one is best suited to your requirements.


Turbo Props

Turbo Props are smaller sized planes which can typically seat between 6-9 people. The primary difference between a Turbo Prop and Jets is the type of engine. Turbo props run on a turbine engine, which uses a gas turbine core to drive a propeller.

These planes are designed to travel relatively short distances. While they generally can’t fly at very high altitudes, they are extremely fuel efficient. This often makes them the most economical option. Another advantage of Turbo Props is that they can land and take off from shorter runways and can therefore be used to provide access to remote airports.

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Light Jets

Light Jets are planes of relatively smaller size for a small group of people, which can range between 4-9. Passengers travelling for business purposes appreciate the versatility and convenience of light jets. Most Light Jets have a small lavatory. These planes are designed for regional flights and provide a higher degree of comfort. They are ideal for a business trip or a weekend getaway.

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Medium Jets

Medium Jets consist of mid-size jets which offer a more spacious journey for a group of 7-9 people. These jets are a combination of performance and comfort, and can undertake journeys of about 5 hours. These jets are an industry favorite due to their features such as comfortable seating, entertainment options, and more cabin space. They are ideal for passengers travelling relatively long distances, who want an enhanced luxury experience.

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Heavy Jets

Heavy Jets are large sized aircrafts typically with a seat capacity of 10-18. The large size allows for free movement inside the cabin without hunching over. These planes can travel large distances and have impressive speeds. Heavy jets are perfect for travelers who have to undertake long journeys and do not want to compromise on having a truly luxurious experience.

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Whichever aircraft you choose, we will ensure that you have a smooth journey. BookmyCharters places immense importance on convenience. Our entire process, right from booking enquiry to boarding and landing is simple and fast. To explore our entire fleet and choose the next aircraft for your journey, click here!