How to make the most of your Private Jet Flight?

Flying on a private jet is one of those experiences that everyone should experience at least once in their lifetime. Due to the effort by online operators like BookmyCharters, the service has become accessible to everyone. Whether you are travelling via a private jet for a business meeting, a holiday, or simply for convenience, it is useful to know how one can take advantage of the opportunities it presents.

While there are many benefits of a private jet, a frequent traveller should know how to tailor their trip according to personal preferences. Here are a few ways you can make the most of your travel via a private jet:

1. Choose your co-passengers freely

One of the best benefits to a private jet is the freedom to choose your co-passengers. While booking an entire plane for oneself comes with its own luxurious feeling, there are advantages to being the gracious host on a private jet trip. For the business traveller, a private jet offers an impressive opportunity for continuing important work while travelling. One can invite their associates and hold meetings, have discussions without being overheard or just engage in casual networking while travelling together to the same destination.

Putting aside the work benefits, travelling with your loved ones is even better. Leaving for a long-awaited family holiday in a flight specially waiting for you is the most exciting way to start your vacation.

2. Selecting the right aircraft

While BookmyCharters ensures that a private jet can be booked in mere minutes, it can be beneficial to plan ahead and make the booking at the earliest. This allows the passenger to choose between many aircrafts to travel on as there may be fewer options available at the last minute.

At BookmyCharters, we have over 40 charters to choose from. There are many aircrafts of four different types – Turbo Props, Light Jets, Medium Jets, and Heavy Jets.  If one plans ahead, they have the liberty to select the right aircraft for their needs among the many options available.

3. Monetizing your trip through Empty Leg Flights

When an aircraft needs to fly empty to a location, it is known as an empty leg or ferry flight. In this case, it takes place as the aircraft that is booked will need to fly to the airport that the customer will depart from. Many private charter customers do not realise they can earn back a huge amount of the money they spend by selling the tickets of an empty leg in their booking.

BookmyCharters offers a customer to opportunity to simply hand over the responsibility of selling tickets for an empty leg flight. When you make your charter booking, you can set the amount at which to sell one seat of that flight. Whenever someone purchases a seat on the ferry flight, the entire amount is refunded to the charter customer. Thus, when a booking is made early, it may cost substantially lesser to a private jet customer.

4. Take out time to curate your meal

Good food is the perfect accompaniment to any experience, especially while travelling. Commercial flights are infamous for their bland and dry food. Private jet travellers have the liberty to inform the staff of their meal preferences and get the same served during their flight. One can even demand a particular item from one of their favourite restaurants and enjoy a delicious spread in the air.

There is always that one restaurant whose food you always wanted to try out but never could because of time constraints and distance. Our customers simply have to go through the menu and select whatever they want. The staff will handle the rest. Taking out the time to personally choose your meal enhances the entire experience beautifully.

With a little bit of knowledge and some planning, every trip you take on a private jet can be exactly what you want. To explore the options for your next journey, click here!