Private Jet Charter or Commercial Flight?

Whether you are flying for business or leisure purpose, you always have a choice between private jet charter or commercial flights for your transit. When you choose to fly private, you bypass many common stressors affecting travellers and the journey, however, it comes at a significant price. Let’s compare both options so that it helps you decide what to pick when you fly next.

Let’s take a side-by-side look at flights from Mumbai to Dharamshala on a Private Charter versus a commercial flight.

So there you have it. It almost takes less than half the time to fly from Mumbai to Dharamshala on a private charter versus a commercial flight. A staggering difference.

Private jet charter do add a lot of value if you can justify the flying cost and travel experience

A chartered flight’s onboard atmosphere is also specially designed to give passengers a more personalised experience. This also refers to the onboard amenities. For example, passengers can pick their own flight attendants, have catered meals, and use technology and entertainment options.

Because private jets are so big, you can land at smaller, regional airports that may be much nearer to your final destination. You’ll save money on transfers as well as time that you can use for other things by doing this. If necessary, the operator will make transportation arrangements for you to and from the airport.

Private airline travel is in many ways, considerably more comfortable than flying on a commercial trip. You are the only person with access to the aircraft; everything is tailored to meet your requirements. You have access to a private terminal with all the amenities prior to departure. Before leaving, you can grab refreshments, drinks, or WiFi so you can check your email.

You won’t have to share the restroom or cabin with anyone when flying privately. Prior to every flight, private airlines thoroughly clean the cabin, disinfecting it if necessary. You alone will receive all attention both before and during the journey, so you can anticipate the highest level of comfort.

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