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Flying on a Private Jet? Explore all, from Personally Crafted Meals to Top-notch Services

What comes to your mind when you think of flying by a private jet? Deluxe? Expensive? 

While one can not believe that these two words are inappropriate to describe the experience of travelling on a chartered jet, as flying private is more than that.

If there’s one thing that can certainly be said about private air travel, is that commercial flight is no match when it comes to efficiency. Once past the security gate outside a private airport, a passenger can be aboard on his or her aircraft in a matter of minutes. With minimal traffic on the runway, the jets are usually in the air within minutes of scheduled departure times. 

By the name itself, you can say private aviation is already taking privacy and confidentiality seriously, which is why most celebrities and high profile personalities choose it. 

Private jets normally depart from their own designated place and passengers can get off their private jet when they arrive and get straight into their waiting vehicle without any delays, hassles of dragging luggage through a terminal and the paparazzi across many occurrences.

It’s awesome right? So let’s elaborate a bit.

Private jet travel means skip the long waits in security lines, no baggage check counter, no queuing up at the gate 30 minutes before the agents open the door 45 minutes after they were supposed to. It means large and comfortable seats, private restrooms, plentiful personal space, a glass or two of fine wine along with your fancy snacks, and a precisely maintained schedule.

The people flying private are the ones who have to get to two factories in different cities in the morning and then an afternoon meeting somewhere else too. Flying commercial, you just can’t do that. 

The ironic thing is that, despite the general impression of private jet travel as an exclusive affair reserved for CEOs and celebrities, a large portion of private jet passengers aren’t using the planes for fun, but rather to get work done.

And not only this comfort but the food service is great as well. When you fly on a private jet every tiny detail is tailored to make your flight as enjoyable as possible, and that includes your food. But what food is ordered on private jets around the world and what is available when you fly? From McDonald’s to Michelin star takeaways, the sky is literally the limit.