The Private Jet Spread: Planning Your Meals for Private Jet Travel

One of the major distinguishing factors between commercial and private jets is that private jet passengers truly own their journeys. Besides providing the luxurious feel of flying in exclusivity, private aviation offers patrons the pleasure of having their journeys customized exactly to their liking, from selecting their preferred mode of entertainment to having a 100% say on the foods and beverages served on board, whether it is a full-course meal or a basic hors d’oeuvre, a refreshing virgin mojito or the classic Cabernet Sauvignon.

Even so, planning your meals before travelling by a private jet makes it highly convenient for private jet companies to prepare or organize them exactly as per your preference. It also helps you reflect on the types of foods and beverages you should have on board, based on certain factors. So, here are some things you should consider while planning your meals for private jet travel:

The type of aircraft

One of the first factors to consider while planning private-jet meals is the type of aircraft you will be boarding. For example, small aircraft like turboprops are highly utility-based and meant for short-distance travel. Consequently, they typically do not include galleys where food may be freshly prepared, stored, or reheated. For this reason, it makes sense to order an hors d’oeuvre, ready-to-eat snack, packaged juice, etc. as opposed to a full-course meal while flying in a turboprop or light jet. Ordering perishable foods like sushi and chicken preparations on-board these aircraft may not be the best idea, as these aircraft may not offer food-storage facilities.
On the other hand, one may enjoy a comprehensive full-course meal when renting a private jet that is midsize or heavy, as such aircraft consist of well-equipped galleys with microwaves and refrigerators, where food may be easily reheated and preserved. Moreover, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages can also be preserved at their ideal temperatures in these aircraft.

The time and duration of travel

The time and duration of travel also play a key role in determining the type of food or beverage to order for a private-jet travel. For example, short-distance travels that may be accommodated between lunch and dinner time may not require one to order an elaborate, full-course meal – a simple yet satisfying snack may be a good idea to prevent hunger pangs while not missing out on a sumptuous meal after landing at the destination! On the other hand, long-distance travel may require one to have an elaborate lunch or dinner, together with breakfast, snack, and beverages based on the travel time and duration.

Dietary requirements and specific preferences

One of the major advantages of flying private is the liberty to customize your meals based on specific dietary requirements or restrictions that you or your co-passengers may have. For example, some individuals who have allergic reactions to certain ingredients may inform the crew beforehand to avoid adding these to any of the foods being served on board. Similarly, individuals on a vegetarian, vegan, or gluten-free diet can enjoy full-course, satisfying meals as per their requirements. Moreover, one may also suggest specific food preferences to the crew in advance and have almost any requests fulfilled – from classic Indian meals to an exotic continental spread – with no questions asked.

Number of passengers

While private jet service companies are equipped to prepare and serve meals for any number of passengers, informing the crew beforehand about the number of passengers to be boarding the aircraft helps prevent wastage. It also ensures that there is sufficient quantity of each type of food available for all passengers. Hence, it makes sense to provide a head count of the number of passengers who would be boarding the private plane and the type of meals each would prefer.

Special requests based on the occasion

One may board a private plane not only for regular travel but also for special occasions, including weddings, birthdays, and anniversaries. In such cases, one should inform the private jet company about any special food requests, including any particular brand of alcoholic beverage, a certain type of cuisine to be served, and the requirement for customized cakes. Although the private jet company may try and accommodate such requests even at the last moment, placing these requests in advance allows them more time to provide their clients with the best experience.

Specific restaurants from which the food should be ordered

Last but not least, private jet passengers may not only request for specific foods and beverages to be served on board but also select the restaurant or outlet from which these should be ordered. Such customization allows clients to enjoy their favourite meals from their preferred sources even as they fly in unparalleled luxury 30,000 feet above sea level.

At BookMyCharters, we believe in providing our clients with the best epicurean experience that strikes the perfect balance between quality and quantity of food. Whether you are looking for a homely desi meal, craving some sushi or Ramen, or in the mood for some delightful Mediterranean cuisine, your wish is our command. Contact us to check out our diverse fleet of aircraft and find out the approximate private plane cost for your next trip!