Wings India 2024: Here’s What to Expect

The unprecedented technological advancement prevalent today has redefined the functioning of almost every sector globally. The aviation industry, which has grown tremendously in the past few decades, is no exception. Over the years, India has witnessed remarkable growth and development of the aviation sector, with cutting-edge technology being leveraged in the most effective ways possible to ensure efficiency, passenger comfort, and accessibility. For example, the number of aircraft operational in the country has increased from approximately 400 in 2013 to 723 in 2023, despite the onset of the pandemic.

Such statistical figures have also warranted the need to inform citizens about the most recent aviation reforms and what to expect in the aviation industry, together with offering a display of the latest fleet rising over India’s bright skyline. Wings India 2024 is all set to cherish this resounding success, together with celebrating India’s rise as the world’s third-largest domestic aviation market. Here’s everything to know about this event and what to expect from it:

All About Wings India 2024

Wings India 2024 is an upcoming aviation event to be held from 18th to 21st January 2024 at Begumpet Airport, Hyderabad, India. The event has been organized by the Ministry of Civil Aviation in partnership with the Airports Authority of India and the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry. Further, it will be attended by esteemed professionals from various backgrounds, including airport operators, consultants, flight operators, flight simulator trainers, government officials, and pilot instructors, among others.

What to Expect at Wings India 2024

Wings India 2024 Conference

The conference held at Wings India 2024 shall include workshops, panel discussions, and round-table discussions by aviation industry experts, who will discuss highly relevant topics such as sustainable aviation, startups in the aviation sector, the growth of helicopters as a means of air travel, and the incredible potential of air cargo transport in the fields of logistics and transportation.
Panel discussions will also cover the significant progress and empowerment currently taking place in the aviation industry, touching upon gender-neutral job opportunities that have already been created and will continue being generated over the years. In this vein, latest innovations in aviation – from drone technology and the surge of business aircraft to new airports and chatbots to enhance customer experience – will also be discussed in the Advanced Air Mobility India Conference, which shall conclude the Wings India 2024 conference.


Wings India 2024 is a lucrative opportunity for nascent companies and entrepreneurs to exhibit their products, services, and innovations to patrons from across the globe and hailing from various professional backgrounds, increasing their visibility significantly. Exhibiting at this event can serve as a starting point for entrepreneurs to network, share their knowledge and innovations, gain insights on latest technological developments, and form lasting partnerships.

Static displays

Static displays of latest aircraft models up close shall provide patrons with an in-depth insight into the well-equipped aircraft that have been developed for the comfort and convenience of citizens.

Air show

The Global Stars Aerobatic Team – comprising leader Mark Jefferies, together with Chris Burkett, Chris Heames, and Phil Ansell – organize spectacular formation and solo air displays worldwide. This team is all set to provide Indian patrons with a stunning air show at Wings India 2024, with Mark Jefferies’ tumbles and spins sure to leave the audience spellbound.


The event will also include a prestigious award ceremony, to be held on 18th January 2024 at Hotel Taj Krishna, Hyderabad. The Wings India Awards are presented to individuals having demonstrated exceptional innovations and cutting-edge aviation practices that have helped overcome significant challenges in the aviation sector.

Besides providing one with considerable knowledge on aviation technology, innovations, developments, and best practices, Wings India 2024 will also provide an opportunity for young, budding individuals to interact with established entrepreneurs, investors, and other stakeholders in the corporate sector, networking effectively to attain new pinnacles in their careers. The event is suited not only to commercial airline flyers and individuals employed at various levels in the aviation industry but also to aviation enthusiasts in general, who regularly board commercial flights, charter jets, or private planes to fly within and beyond the country. Individuals with an inclination toward exploring new fleets of aircraft and understanding more about aviation technology may also benefit from the event.