This Makar Sakranti, surprise your family!

The joyous holiday of Makar Sakranti is only a week away. It is a chance for everyone to let go of all the worries of life and spend their time with loved ones, indulging in simple things such as sweets and kite flying. It is about peace and prosperity, which is always incomplete without one’s family and friends. This year, we bring to you the chance to fly home to your family in a special manner to have a gala time with them.

In the midst of juggling work and personal lives, we all forget to take out time to enjoy ourselves. For a lot of us, our work takes precedence over other, more important aspects of our lives. Our favourite festivals just become another day when all our friends are in a different city, some enjoying themselves while we catch up on work. This Makar Sakranti, do not let it happen again. Don’t miss out on another day when you could be celebrating with your family. Take advantage of this day to spend time with the ones who truly matter and to give yourself a break.


However, it becomes impossible to find tickets to fly anywhere during the holiday season. Most airlines increase their prices and charge exorbitant amounts for even economy class seats. Moreover, most flights are often sold out months before and only inconvenient timings remain unavailable. How can one then turn last minute plans into reality?

Well, fear not, because BookMyCharters’ private jet booking service never takes advantage of a holiday season just to increase prices. You can fly to any destination all over the country according to your own convenient timings and enjoy a luxurious experience of the best kind. You can book your jet in merely sixty seconds through our instantaneous online portal and on the day of the flight, you can reach the airport and be in the air within 15 minutes. While aboard, you will enjoy a unique experience which will be filled with curated meals and entertainment. And we can take you to 149 destinations across the country!

Flying private is not cheap but if you have a number of passengers who wish to travel with you, the price can come down sharply per person. This is a great option for those who want to take a mini-holiday with their family and explore somewhere new; if you’ve never experienced the excitement of Makar Sakranti, fly to Rajasthan, Gujarat, Karnataka, to see it in all its glory. The advantages of flying in a private jet are many but nothing beats the experience of travelling with your loved ones in such an exclusive manner.


This Makar Sakranti, you can enjoy the way you want with our range of options and flawless services. Fly home to your loved ones or take a vacation with your friends; we have your back for anything you might have in mind. Do something spontaneous and head on down to our website to book now! And once you take this step, don’t forget to have more fun and take time out for yourself in 2018!