Take Your Valentine For An Extraordinary Experience

The month of February brings with it a chance to celebrate love, to indulge with your partner, to take a day off from daily life and just spend time with the special one in your life. Every year you come across so many Valentine’s Day offers and themed parties, restaurant deals, holiday packages, couple spas, etc. While these are quite enticing, they get a tad bit repetitive. The flowers, the chocolates, the dinner dates are great, but isn’t it time for something new?

Start your Valentine’s Day with a Helicopter Joyride

For those of us who live in Mumbai, Delhi, and Bangalore- it’s hard to take out time to appreciate the beauty of our own city. This Valentine, start your day off with a unique trip around the city. With BookMyCharters, you can book a private helicopter to take you high up in the air where you can enjoy a bird’s eye view of your city.

helicopter joyride

A helicopter ride is a must-have experience but the safety is often a concern for people. Our experience in this field guarantees that we always place safety first and ensure a hassle-free experience for our customers. Leave all your worries with us as you take to the air with your special someone!

Sail through the sea with your Valentine

Instead of a crowded party, steal your loved one and take them cruising over the sea, away from Mumbai. Nothing could be as romantic as indulging in a few drinks while marvelling at a magnificent sunset against the skyline of this bustling city. Take some memorable pictures, have a fabulous dinner on the deck, enjoy a private conversation at a mini-vacation on private yachts as we take care of all your needs.

yacht on valentine's day

And if you’d like to celebrate this day with your friends and their families, we have many options for that as well. Get everyone on board and throw a party to remember. Either way, we have got your back!

Want to whisk them away for a holiday? Fly private with us!

If you do have time to get away with your significant other, why not fly to our destination privately. With our Charter deals, you can book a ferry flight at a much lower cost. Booking a ferry flight means that you can get your own chartered aircraft at a discount of up to 90%. You get to enjoy all the benefits of a private jet at a very modest price! On a BookMyCharters private jet, your holiday begins as soon as you arrive at the airport.

private jet

Bring a new zest to your Valentine’s Day this year. Now all your luxurious plans are just a few clicks away! To know more and book your private ride, speak to our charter expert at +91 80804 75252