What kind of Private Jet Traveller are you?

Private Jets are a blissful way of travelling that everyone loves to indulge in. It changes the way a passenger perceives flying and it has something good in store for every kind of traveller. The stress-free hours before the flight, the elegance of driving on the tarmac right up to the aircraft, the pleasant and attentive crew, meals of your choice- all of this and so much more is involved in making every flying experience an immensely comfortable one.  

For different kinds of private jet customers, the experience can be very different. Most of us only see the obvious advantages of this mode of flying. But for a passenger with a purpose, it holds many small pleasures and comforts that make it an incomparable way of travelling. Listed below are the different types of passengers who like to travel via a private jet and the advantages they love:

1. The Family on a vacation: A holiday with your loved ones is the best way to de-stress and relax. Starting that trip with a hassle-free and exotic flight is the cherry on top. For families with kids, it is a huge comfort to not have to deal with long lines and the crowded boarding process.  The parents aren’t busy taking care of the kids and luggage while the kids can enjoy freely without the fear of disturbing co-passengers. 

2. Celebrities: While the life of a famous person is certainly glamorous, the hectic travelling required for promoting movies, music, or products can be exhausting. Coupled with that is the lack of respect for their privacy, the hounding paparazzi, and the long hours. In the midst of all this, being able to travel to every city on a private jet gives a celebrity some much needed time to themselves. With the multi-city feature offered by BookmyCharters, one can book travel to many cities on the same jet. Moreover, personal safety is guaranteed on a private jet. It provides a peaceful atmosphere in which they can eat delicious food, prepare for their appearances, or simply enjoy the lack of disturbance in the air.

3. The Business Traveller: The constantly busy businessman/woman often lives a life of all work and no play. Flying constantly for work purposes can be very hectic, and the long waiting times can cut into the work schedule and cause stress due to rushing everywhere. A private jet offers an amazing alternative to that lifestyle. One can travel according to their own timings and never have to adjust their schedule, meetings, and indulgences. While in the air, the time can be used to continue work, for socializing with any associates that have been invited, or just to enjoy a good meal and some quiet time.

4. The Wedding Party: Weddings are an occasion that everyone looks forward to with great joy. The popularity of destination weddings is increasing along with the rise in the number of people who travel to another city for a pre-wedding bash. A commercial flight for such events can become very hectic due to a large amount of luggage, figuring out seating arrangements, confusion at the airport etc. A private jet does not have strict requirements for passengers. The entire group can arrive at their own convenience, without any confusion and baggage issues.  Seating is also not a problem and everyone can converse. The excitement begins the moment you drive up to the plane!