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Fly Home This Diwali on a Private Jet

The festive season is here and the excitement can be felt everywhere. The colourful lights, the enthusiastic decorating, and the delicious food are waiting for all of us. This is also the time when most of us want to celebrate the festival with family and our loved ones. However, it becomes a challenge for many of us due to surge ticket pricing by commercial airlines or non-availability of seats.

We, at BookMyCharters, want to make sure you are with your loved ones during the festive holiday. That is why there is no surge pricing on our platform. If you book a private jet, it will never be more affordable than a commercial airline ticket. However, you may want to take the benefits of a group booking where per seat cost on a private jet is comparable to a business class ticket.

Airline companies always raise their prices during the holiday season to take advantage of the high demand. Whether it is Navratri, Diwali, or New Year’s, the flight prices are always exorbitantly high during any season of celebration. It is unfair to the passengers, most of whom can get some time off only during these days. It also becomes very difficult to get tickets for the ideal dates and time because many of these flights get booked in advance. Being charged a price far above the normal rate can be very frustrating, especially when the tickets aren’t even perfect for one’s needs.

On the other hand, opting for private jets is a different experience altogether. If one books a private jet, it can be scheduled according to the ideal date and time. If there are many people flying to the same place for Diwali, then the cost can be split among everyone and will be brought down immensely.

Last minute tickets are very hard to find, which is why BookMyCharters ensures that anyone can instantly make a booking online. Along with this, the ferry flight service can add value to the potential flyers. It offers the client an opportunity to sell unused seats on a private jet or monetize an empty leg that may be occurring for the trip, and recover a large chunk of the total cost. By subscribing to BookMyCharters, one can stay updated on the sale of these ferry flights, a seat of which costs less than a business class ticket.

Flying privately, experiencing the utmost form of elegance, has never been easier. Surprise your loved ones this Diwali and arrive home in style with BookMyCharters! Click here to book now!