Private Jet

Which Private Jet Is For You?

An individual who regularly flies with private charter services is usually knowledgeable about the type of private jet that he or she has booked and also knows about most of the private jet’s features. However, in many cases, a flyer is new to the world of private aviation or is a flyer who isn’t so aware of the different kinds of aircraft available. These flyers need some guidance regarding which private jet is best suited to their travel requirements.

The most common query about which type of jet to book revolves around turboprop jets and light jets. While some flyers assume that a turboprop private jet will be less luxurious than a light jet aircraft, other flyers might think that flying by a light jet is the more cost-effective way to go. Let’s have a look at the primary features of both these types of private jets.

Turboprop Jets

One of the most economical options that exist in private aviation, turboprop charter flights are ideal for flyers to consider for relatively short distances, ranging anywhere between 800 to 3000 miles. While turboprop jets are not considered to be typical private jet aircraft, they still fall into the category of private jets because they are powered by a turbine engine. And as far as luxury and amenities are concerned, turboprop flights offer many of the modern luxury cabin amenities found in light jets.

Some significant features of a turboprop private aircraft include:

– Exceptional short runway performance and landing ability. They, therefore, have greater access to remote or regional airports with short runways and small landing areas.

– Turboprop jets are an attractive solution for same-day round-trip charter flights under 500 nautical miles each way.

– They are also most efficient at low altitudes and slower speeds under 450 mph.

Light Jets

Light jets offer flyers an upscale private charter service experience and are designed for shorter journeys of about 1,700 miles. Thus, they are perfect for short hops between cities as well as mid-range travel plans. Light private jets also provide the high-end business and entertainment amenities – that can be found in larger aircraft – but in a more compact and convenient space.

Keeping in mind the different qualities of both these private jets, there are still two significant areas that need to be compared. Choosing a model that best meets a flyer’s mission profile mainly depends on this comparison.

How Much Can The Aircraft Carry?

Depending on the model, turboprops can comfortably seat between 6-8 passengers. The baggage capacities in turboprop charter planes typically hover around 50 cubic feet.

Now, even though the light jet can safely and comfortably carry up to 8 passengers, it is usually advised to limit occupancy to 5 or 6 passengers. The average baggage capacity of a light jet (as in the case of the Phenom 100) is 55 cubic feet of baggage capacity.

Depending on the nature of the flight, the payload of a vehicle may include cargo, passengers, flight crew, or other equipment along with full fuel. In some cases, the actual payload of a light jet is almost equal to that of the turboprop jet. In order to arrive at a proper calculation, a private charter services booking platform can provide guidance in this matter.

Fuel Burn

Fuel burn and other operating costs of a private jet depend on several factors, including the average length of a typical flight.

When turboprops are flown at the correct altitude and airspeed, they are extremely efficient and burn less fuel than most light jets. However, since light jets fly at higher altitudes where the pilot can plan longer legs, the jet burns less gas. This makes the light jet aircraft a better choice for high-speed charter flights.

Going by current industry findings, in 2017, it was found that on-demand and jet card charter flight activity for turboprops increased 8 per cent versus 4.9 per cent for light jets. But even if the turboprop jet holds a significant position in the private charter services sector, it is always important to choose an aircraft appropriate to your travel needs.

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