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The Link Between India’s Heliports and Helicopter Charter Services

When it comes to monitoring global helicopter charter services, which country has the highest number of heliports worldwide? Studies have shown that India is the second leading country in the world, just behind the United States of America at first position and just ahead of South Korea at the third position.

The United States, having 5,664 heliports, enjoys the highest level of infrastructural development and connectivity compared to any other country. All major cities, including New York and Washington D.C among others, are a base to many heliports and offer various helicopter charter services such as air medical services, business travel, helicopter tours, etc.

South Korea, in the third position, has 510 heliports. It is a preferred destination for business, tourism, and international events and this has boosted its potential for heliport fabrication. Providing seamless helicopter charter services all over the country, rapid heliport construction in South Korea has been connected with the establishment of tall buildings and skyscrapers – heliports in these buildings are important fire and safety measures.

Now, we focus on India in the second position with 1,071 heliports. This development is something to be very positive about when one thinks in terms of the growth and progress that the country is experiencing and will continue to experience. From 186 heliports constructed in Himachal Pradesh in the North to 113 constructed in Karnataka in the South, helicopter charter services are increasing all around the country. But how and why has this kind of development come about?

The 2010 Commonwealth Games: The Start

The Commonwealth Games, which were held in Delhi in 2010, started the process for heliport construction in the country. According to the state-run Pawan Hans Helicopters Ltd, the Delhi government allocated Rs 1 crore for the purpose of building India’s first fully-automated heliport – the Rohini heliport.

However, it was only in February 2017 that the Rohini Heliport in Delhi was formally inaugurated. Having provisions for operational facilities and maintenance and repair, the heliport also has the following facilities:

– Centrally air-conditioned passenger terminal building having the capacity to handle 150 passengers

– Four hangers of 3,600 sqm area

– Parking capacity for 12 helicopters

– Refuelling facility

– Fire services

The development of four helihubs in the country – namely Northern, Western, Eastern and Southern – is also underway.

Helicopter Charter Services Will Increase Connectivity To Hilly And Remote Areas

Huge portions of India in the Northeast remain unexplored and unconnected with the rest of the country because connectivity to these areas is poor, undeveloped, and dangerous. Regions in the North enjoy slightly better connectivity but much work has to still be done in the area of developing helicopter charter services.

Air connectivity in the Northeast is supposed to move ahead in a massive way with the establishment of airports and heliports in areas along the international border, and the revival of some British-era roads and airports. Ninety-two new air routes, 19 new airports, and 17 new heliports are in the pipeline for the Northeastern states. The end-goal is to make the Northeast the hub of the country’s trade with South East Asian countries.

Another reason why heliports are coming up in hilly regions revolves around the promotion of tourist destinations. While the development of regional air connectivity routes is still demand driven, to an extent, the Ministry of Tourism has issued guidelines to extend financial assistance to State Governments and Union Territory Administrations for construction of heliports.

It can be clearly understood how the fabrication of heliports all over the country will improve and strengthen helicopter charter services and increase travel by helicopter charter. India is leaning towards a new age of accessibility, connectivity, and progress that will be incredibly beneficial to the country’s economy and national growth.

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