A Guide to Preparing Your Pet for Private Jet Travel

Not being allowed to take their pets along on vacations is perhaps the only drawback of long travels for pet parents. No matter how well-trained and obedient your pet may be, their presence is just not welcome at certain places and in some modes of transport. Moreover, although quite a few commercial airlines onboard pets, they do not have provisions for pets to travel in the same cabin as their owners. Consequently, private aviation is emerging as the new mode of travel for pets and their parents, offering assured privacy; dedicated, personalized service to passengers and their pets; and quick, hassle-free check-in at the airport.

Traveling with a pet can be an incredible experience for pet parents, as pets offer much-needed companionship and increase the fun element of vacations. However, to avoid potential mishaps, some care should be taken while travelling with pets on aircraft. If you are planning your next local or international trip by private jet with your pet companion, have a look at these tips to elevate your experience.

Check Entry Regulations for your Pet Species

While India does not have an official “pet passport” to allow pets to travel internationally, the term is used to refer to the documents required for the pet to be permitted to fly abroad. A microchip, a no-objection certificate, a rabies vaccination certificate, and a health certificate are generally the primary requirements for a pet to fly internationally. Moreover, the import requirements of each country may differ. So, it’s a good idea to research on the pet import requirements of the country you are visiting beforehand.

Limit your Pet’s Food and Water Intake

Feeding your pet excessive food and water before a flight can increase the risk of an upset stomach or nausea on board. Too much water can also increase the number of visits to the lavatory. While pets should be fed some food and water before a flight, the proportions should be strictly controlled. The quantity of food and water before a flight also depends on the pet’s medical condition. For example, pets with diabetes should particularly be fed smaller servings of food before a flight. When flying private with their pets, pet owners should speak with the private jet crew beforehand regarding their pet’s health condition, temperament, and requirements.

Consider the Pet’s Mental Health Condition

Even if a pet is apparently fit and does not have any health conditions, certain pets may be prone to anxiety and stress in new environments and situations. Kirsten Theisen, director of the Humane Society of the United States, suggests that air travel is often highly stressful for animals. While private jets can offer a much more relaxing and Therefore, it is important to be prepared and prepare your pet beforehand for a private jet journey. For example, taking a pet for a walk before a flight can help calm it down. One can also have soothing music play enroute the destination to reduce the pet’s anxiety levels. Onboard a private jet, one can choose from a wide range of music genres to calm and relax their pets during the journey.

Consult a Vet Before the Trip

A vet visit before a flight is a must, as vets may be able to identify any potential health concerns that a pet may face during the travel and suggest the necessary preventive measures.

Travelling by private jet makes it incredibly easy for pet owners to complete airport processes efficiently; board at their convenience; spend quality time with their pets; and ensure dedicated, customized service for their buddies. If you are planning your next holiday with your pet companion, we would be glad to help you rent the perfect private jet for your travel. Pick from our diverse fleet based on your requirements and preferences, and enjoy a private, hassle-free journey with your beloved pet.