5 Incredible Benefits of Private Jets for Senior Travel

Once the passion for travel seeps in, it usually lasts a lifetime. And for seniors, the post-retirement period is an exciting time to explore the world freely, without having to think about other priorities. But physical limitations may sometimes pose a challenge for seniors to undertake long-distance travel. And that’s where private jet travel for seniors enters the scene.

While flights in general offer the convenience of reaching faraway destinations quickly, long queues at airports and rushing to not miss flights can be physically tiring, particularly if a person has mobility problems. Private jets make air travel incredibly convenient and luxurious for seniors, catering to their every need at each step.

No rush to reach the airport

Remember the last time you got stuck in traffic and panicked about missing a flight? Well, with private planes, one never has to worry about missing a flight again, as the airplane waits until the passenger has boarded. This feature can prove to be extremely useful particularly for seniors, as they don’t have to rush to the airport and can travel at their convenience, without compromising on their schedules.

Direct flights with no layovers

When one is traveling long distance, there are mostly no direct commercial flights from the source to the destination, which means long waiting hours at an interim airport and increased inconvenience for seniors. But with private jets, flights are always direct regardless of the distance, so one doesn’t have to alight from the aircraft from the time it takes off to when it lands. This makes air travel incredibly favorable for seniors, who might find it challenging to juggle between aircraft, even if they are escorted.

No long airport queues

Wading through long airport queues for checking in, customs and immigration, baggage claim, etc. can be a hassle, especially for older adults with mobility problems or other health conditions. And while wheelchair assistance is provided, physical limitations may not always be the only challenge for seniors, and they might find it challenging to wait at airports for such long spells. On the other hand, for passengers with a private jet booking, this on-boarding process is made remarkably quick and efficient, as a representative helps complete these processes at the earliest. So, seniors do not have to reach the airport hours before departure – whenever they arrive, the representative is present to help them with checking in.

Absolute comfort and luxury and exclusive service

Private jets comprise the best amenities on board, from upholstery made of industry-best leather to adjustable in-flight temperature. Also, on midsize and long-range jets, the reclining seats can be easily converted to comfortable beds, allowing seniors to snooze or have a good night’s sleep. Moreover, because the entire flight is theirs during the journey, seniors can enjoy highly personalized service, with the entire crew focused on fulfilling all their needs, demands, and desires.

Customized food and beverages on board

Seniors often have dietary restrictions or specific meal plans prescribed to them by their healthcare experts and nutritionists. So, having the meals served on commercial flights might not be the best option for them, as in-flight food is not customizable on these flights. On the other hand, when flying private, one can request any type of food and beverage of one’s choice to be served on board, with a consideration of dietary restrictions and specific requirements. This way, seniors do not have to stay hungry or have foods that they should be avoiding. Also, long-haul flights are equipped with galleys, which have microwaves and refrigerators to serve delicacies at their ideal temperatures.

Assured privacy on private jets for seniors

Seniors may like some quiet time and privacy when traveling, whether solo or with their tribe. Such privacy cannot be expected when flying with a hundred other passengers. On-board a private jet, you get the entire plane to yourself, which can be highly convenient for the elderly.

Travel to faraway places is a way to explore new cultures, languages, food, and communities. We at BookMyCharters help the elderly fulfill their travel dreams by making their travel entirely their own, from the get go. Check out our diverse fleet and connect with us to check out the prices of private jets!