Book a Private Jet to Spain’s Enchanting Haro Wine Festival

You must have attended several wine-tasting parties, but have you ever been to a wine-hurling one? Well, believe us when we say that such a custom does exist! So, if you’re planning an international trip anytime soon, here’s why you should book a private jet to Spain’s Haro Wine Festival, to be held on June 29.

At this festival, a religious parade and mass held in honor of San Pedro culminates in the attendees having a wine fight. This friendly tussle is accompanied by several other fun-filled cultural activities, making it incredibly fun for locals as well as tourists.


The festival has been recognized as a “Festival of International Tourist Interest,” with several tourists from all over the world flocking to attend it each year. Rioja, the Haro town that hosts this festival, has a population of about 11,500, which doubles on Saint Peter’s Day, the day on which the Haro Wine Festival is organized. That’s why this festival becomes a melting pot of cultures and communities from across the globe, making it remarkably tourist-friendly.

Seeped in Spanish history

While the festival may seem to border on absurd for those not familiar with it, it actually has a rich historical significance. The festival is said to have begun as a territorial dispute between Haro and Miranda de Ebro, its neighboring village. The dispute dates back to as early as 1237, when a judge passed the order that all Haro residents should demarcate their regions with purple banners. So, a procession took place to the landmark Riscos de Bilibio, which eventually began culminating in wine hurling. So, chartering a jet to the Haro Wine Festival means that you have the chance to explore its historical richness.

A host of other cultural and religious activities

One of the best aspects of the Haro Wine Festival is that the wine-hurling custom isn’t practiced in isolation. A range of other cultural and religious activities take place alongside the festival, which makes it even more fun-filled and attractive to tourists. The festival begins at 7am on June 29, with the city’s mayor, or Síndico Regidor, mounting a horse and leading the crowds to the Chapel of San Felices de Bilibio. This chapel is situated approximately 6 km from the city.

Here, the mayor places a banner on the city’s highest rock, and the people observe a mass. Then, a rocket is fired, signaling the start of wine hurling. Jugs, spray bottles, containers – you may use whatever you believe is suitable to hurl wine and enjoy the vibe!

And if you thought that was it, hang on. After the festival, people head back to the city, dry out their clothes, and get set for a host of activities to be held in the afternoon—a hearty lunch, bullfight, and several parties.

Fun shenanigans for your kiddos!

If you were wondering what your kiddos would be doing while you have the time of your life, there’s good news for you! On 26th and 27th July, there are children’s events held from 10am to 11am at the Plaza de la Paz. Here, children go on a short pilgrimage to the “fairgrounds,” offer something to the patron saint, and then engage in the children’s “wine battle,” wherein grape juice or dyed water is used. A lunch serving biscuits and chocolates and a mock bullfight follow.

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