Increase in Flight Turbulence Due to Wind Speed Changes: What’s the Deal?

Ladies and gentlemen, we are experiencing some turbulence. Please return to your seats and fasten your seatbelts.

Has this announcement ever made you uneasy or had you grab on to your seat tighter than ever? Yes, flight turbulence can be scary – it’s impossible to predict anything 30,000 feet above the earth. Unfortunately, new research from the University of Reading suggests that air turbulence has increased in different parts of the world. In fact, the Northern Atlantic, which is among the busiest flight routes globally, has experienced a significant increase in the total annual duration of turbulence over the span of the past four decades. On the bright side, with private jets, there is more flexibility in terms of circumventing turbulence. Stay on as we discuss the possible reasons for increase in flight turbulence and how flying private can help make things easier.

Why has Flight Turbulence Increased?

To understand the reason for this increase in flight turbulence, we need to know a little about wind shear. In simple words, wind shear is a change in wind speed or direction over short distances. Severe wind shear can steer an aircraft’s steady motion and lead to emergency situations. The more severe the wind shear is, the higher the turbulence is. Now, the new study by the University of Reading predicts that climate change, caused by human activities, can make turbulence thrice more common by 2050-80 than it is at present.

From the rate at which climate change is currently affecting the earth, we can predict that flight turbulence will only increase over the years unless there is a substantial change in our ways. So then, we are likely to listen to the “turbulence” announcement more frequently on aircraft – unless we choose to fly private.

How Do Private Jets Help Evade Turbulence?

Do private jets experience turbulence? Of course, yes. Just like every other aircraft, private jets are also affected by wind shear and turbulence. But the good news is that they have increased flexibility to evade turbulence than commercial flights do. Private jets have the option to change their routes even in transit. Thus, pilots of private jets can steer the aircraft to a different route instantly if there is turbulence ahead in the original route. Also, many private jet aircraft models are capable of flying at high altitudes. For example, the Gulfstream G650 can easily fly up to an altitude of 51,000 feet above the ground. The higher the altitude is, the less are wind speed changes. So, private planes and charter flights can take off to higher altitudes to evade flight turbulence.

Private jets cannot get rid of flight turbulence, but they can easily circumvent turbulent routes and provide much-needed relief to passengers. Booking a private jet for rent is your best bet to assured privacy, nonstop air travel across long distances, and unparalleled luxury on board, in addition to evading turbulence and enjoying a smooth flight. If you are looking to book a private jet or chartered flight for your next air travel, look no further than our fleet!