Book a Private Plane to Sikkim’s International Flower Festival

Imagine a world with no flowers. Thousands of ballads and poems dedicated to beloveds would become lifeless. Gardens would become barren; you would probably not be able to witness your loved one’s delight on receiving your customized bouquet. Several traditional rituals and customs would not be performed. Fragrances would cease to exist. The world would miss its soul. And that’s why it’s so important to preserve the sanctity of flowers.

A significant step in this direction is Sikkim’s annual International Flower Festival, which celebrates the beauty and fragrance of flowers like no other. Taking place throughout May in Gangtok, this festival, organized by the Government of Sikkim, showcases a myriad of flowers, attracting locals as well as tourists to this celebration. So, if you love flowers and travel, it’s time to book a private plane to the Sikkim International Flower Festival!

A True Celebration of Flora

This festival is all about cherishing flowers in their vast diversity, distinct sizes and colors, and varying fragrances. Every year, at the Flower Exhibition Centre near the White Hall Complex in Gangtok, an incredibly wide variety of flowers and plants—orchids, ferns, roses, cacti, creepers, alpine plants, herbs, etc.—are showcased, which attract not only florists and botanists but also those with limited knowledge of flowers who would like to explore the world of botany.

Seminars and Lectures on Flowers

Besides being rejuvenated by the splendour of a variety of flowers, visitors can also expand their knowledge by attending seminars and lectures held by reputed botanical scientists, who are invited to address guests. This way, people from various parts of the country and world understand not only the diversity of flowers on earth but also study their specific characteristics.

Proximity to the Himalayan Region

Situated on the lap of the majestic Himalayas, Gangtok forms the milieu for a highly satisfying and peaceful vacation away from city life’s hustle and bustle. So, the International Flower Festival attracts a lot of tourists who would like to know more about different types of plants and flowers and have a joyous vacation alone or with their loved ones. Gangtok also has several luxurious hotels and stays, which make the vacation all the more enjoyable. So, if you love mountains and peace and adventure, Gangtok is where your next luxury private jet should be headed, particularly during the vibrant International Flower Festival month.

A Food Festival Accompanying the Flower Festival

While the flowers exhibited at the International Flower Festival work on one’s visual and olfactory senses, a food festival accompanying this event takes care of the gustatory sense. People from all over the world can enjoy scrumptious local food at this festival and learn more about Sikkim’s vibrant culture in the process.

Preservation of Sikkim’s Rich Heritage

This seemingly tiny, quaint northeastern state actually has a rich cultural heritage that not many know about. And Sikkim’s indigenous flowers play an indispensable role in its culture. So, by being a part of the International Flower Festival, tourists do their essential bit in preserving this breathtakingly beautiful land’s rich culture and tradition.

Sikkim’s International Flower Festival is popular not only among Indian tourists but also many people from countries across the globe. In fact, the Sikkim Government invites over 12 countries to participate in this festival every year, making it a notable international event. If you love flowers and are all for preserving the botanical and cultural heritage of Sikkim, it’s time to charter a jet to this adorable destination this May. We at BookMyChaters have a diverse fleet that can fly one to Gangtok in all the luxury and comfort one can dream of.