Here’s How Private Planes Contribute to Medical Transport and Tourism

At the end of the day, there’s nothing more important than one’s physical and mental health, which need to be prioritized over all other goals and responsibilities. Fortunately, with advancements in medicine, there are interventions for almost every ailment these days. But often, the best treatments for all medical conditions are restricted to specific geographical locations. This is where medical tourism and private jet medical transport step in to make the process more convenient and streamlined.

Over the years, medical tourism has expanded exponentially worldwide, with the global medical tourism industry being valued at USD 60–80 billion today. But a significant concern relating to medical tourism is transportation. Although commercial flights are available to most major cities and towns across the globe, patients with health conditions might need exclusive care and rest along the way, which is not possible with several hundred passengers traveling along. Also, one might have to be careful about not exposing the person to further infectants. Private jet medical transport, offering absolute privacy, exclusive on-board services, and premium luxury, is an excellent option for patients with different health conditions.

Safe transportation of those with infectious diseases

A major concern for those with contagious diseases is traveling by public transport, because the disease is likely to spread to others traveling with them. Even if a health condition isn’t contagious by itself, its symptoms, such as cold and the flu, might spread to others easily. In such situations, renting a private plane is the best bet, because a passenger has the entire plane to oneself. Also, crew members go all out to ensure that they offer the best zero-contact services on board. Finally, the temperature and humidity within the flight can be easily controlled to suit the needs of the patient.

Efficient mode of travel for those under ongoing medical treatments

In many cases (such as when undergoing chemotherapy or a similar treatment for cancer), the treatment course might be spread out over several weeks or months. If the patient resides far away from the city or town offering the treatment option, one might have to travel frequently to the destination in which the hospital or healthcare centre offering the treatment is situated. With private planes, such frequent journeys become extremely comfortable for patients, because they don’t have to queue up at the airport for check ins every time and can reach the airport at their convenience, with the aircraft readily awaiting them.

Convenient private jet medical transport for sick babies

Traveling with a baby on board can be a hassle, particularly if the infant is sick. And traveling with hundreds of passengers and not having dedicated service on board worsens the situation. Also, other travelers might get disturbed when a baby cries during a flight journey. When one flies private, all such problems are resolved instantly, because one has absolute privacy on board, with exclusive, top-notch crew service. Also, since one doesn’t fly with several other strangers, parents or guardians of the baby needn’t worry about whether they might be disturbing other travelers.

Quick last-minute booking for medical emergencies

If there’s a medical emergency and a patient needs to be wheeled in at a distant hospital or healthcare centre, there’s perhaps no better mode of transport than private aircraft. Passengers can rent a private plane just hours before they need to fly; their airport check in, customs and immigration, and other such airport processes are carried out at lightning speed, so they don’t have to spend hours waiting at the airport. Such convenience can actually save lives and prevent the symptoms of health conditions from worsening.

Hassle-free private jet medical transport for the elderly

Several health complications crop up with age, and timely treatment is a must to control the symptoms of such issues among the elderly. Traveling for long hours for treatment can be a major roadblock for seniors, preventing them from reaping the benefits of the best interventions. But with charter planes, medical travel becomes highly convenient, involving quick transportation and timely treatment. Also, those with restricted mobility can be wheeled into the aircraft directly, without having to wait at the airport during check in. The food and beverages served on board can be highly customized, with a careful consideration of the elderly person’s dietary restrictions.

Medical tourism is the future of the healthcare industry, because it ensures that people living in any geographical location worldwide have access to world-class treatment, infrastructure, and healthcare facilities. And private jet medical transport significantly contributes to medical tourism by ensuring quick, comfortable and exclusive air travel with highly customized services for patients. BookMyCharters offers a diverse fleet on rent, based on one’s specific requirements, commute distance, facilities needed, etc. As our esteemed client, you get to fly in absolute privacy and luxury, with all your needs and desires catered to, no matter what your restrictions or demands may be. Click here to connect with us, understand the private plane rental prices in India, and avail of our premium services!