Book a Private Plane to Greece and Explore these Offbeat Beaches

Etched in the annals of history and legends of mythology is a rich European country that spikes the curiosity of history buffs and literature enthusiasts, foodies and those with a world tour bucket list. Yes, we’re talking about Greece, the land of Aristotle and Athens, and why you should book a private plane to this splendid land.

With the internet abuzz with content on Greece tourism, the country has become synonymous with Athens and Santorini. While these destinations must be on every traveler’s itinerary, Greece is lined with beaches and coasts that are far less visited and incredibly enchanting.

Also, since June marks the beginning of summer for the country, it’s the perfect time to sunbathe and engage in beach activities at the magnificent Greek coasts.

So, this June, book a private plane to this marvelous country and explore its offbeat coastal destinations.


On the easternmost expanse of Greece is one of the smallest yet most breathtakingly beautiful islands in the country. Kastellorizo, ensconced in the Dodecanese Complex, dates back to the Neolithic Age, when it went by the name Megisti.

But this changed during the Middle Ages, when the knights of St John built the “majestic” Castello Rosso above its port. While shipping and fishing brought about economic development in this area by the end of the 19th Century, the Castello Rosso, together with the quaint houses lining the Kordoniou Coast, has retained this island’s old-world charm, making it an aesthetic tourist destination.

Paxi Island

Situated south of Corfu Islands, Paxi is a largely unexplored coastal destination in Greece and should be on your itinerary for its sheer naturalistic appeal. The island is home to three harbor villages and is characterized by a pearl and sapphire coastline, with glistening white pebbles and sapphire waters.

The highlight of this place is its tucked-away beaches, including Vrika Beach and Voutoumi Beach, which remain majorly untouched by tourism. One can also choose to book a luxury yacht on these islands and enjoy a lavish stay while being surrounded by pristine waters. So, if you are planning to rent a private plane to Paxi Islands, Corfu airport is the closest one.


Greek mythology and literature buffs may recognize this place from Homer’s epic poem, Iliad. Often quoted as “the place where myths began,” this island used to be synonymous with wilderness and was practically impossible to reach at one point. Fortunately, it’s not so now, and Mani has opened its doors to tourists from all over the world.

Lined with picturesque stalagmites and stalactites, the caverns in Mani make for an enchanting visit. Also, Cape Tenaro, with a tent to Poseidon at the continent’s edge, is absolutely a charm and represents everything that Greece was and is. Kalamata airport is the nearest airport to this destination for domestic as well as international flights, so be sure to book your private jets to this island accordingly.


Off the Peloponnesian East Coast is an island that’s sure to take you back to the Medieval Ages. Seemingly right out of a fable, this island sports a medieval fortress, with arched alleyways and sea rock-carved stairs. You can also enjoy a relaxing Turkish bath here and enjoy the spectacular view of the coast. The Malvasia wines available here have been mentioned by Shakespeare in his works, making them all the more appealing to the epicurean palette. So, when you book a private plane to Greece, be sure to include this island in your list of places to visit!

Milos Island

Your trip to Greece would be incomplete without a visit to this enchanting destination, synonymous with its orange and pink coastline and crystal blue waters. If you’re a history buff and adventure-farer, do not miss exploring the secret caves on this island, which narrate enthralling stories of pirates from the Middle Ages. The island also boasts of mystical catacombs, the Milos Mining Museum, Church of the Holy Trinity, and the island’s very own ancient theater, which is a must-visit. The Airport of Milos is a national airport to which only domestic flights operate, so the best bet is to book a private plane to Athens and travel by domestic flight from here to Milos.

Time travel has been a favorite topic in science fiction, but we can assure you that in Greece, it becomes a real thing. Whether you are an admirer of Greek literature, a history enthusiast, or simply an adventure traveler and explorer, Greece has something for you.

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