Book a Private Plane to these Monsoon Holiday Destinations

The Indian subcontinent assumes a lush green, vibrant look during monsoon, with tourist destinations becoming more breathtaking than ever. Whether you are more of a rain dance and party person or a quiet soul meant for scenic balcony views and a book, these destinations have you covered. But rainfall, which is normally scenic, can turn into a nightmare in case of sudden floods, power outages, etc.

Nevertheless, India’s diversity includes quite a few destinations that perfectly integrate rainfall with safety, so that one can enjoy the perks of pleasant showers while having a safe, comfortable vacation. Add to this the unmatched luxury and convenience of flying by a private jet, and you have your ideal monsoon holidays! So, take your pick from our curated list of destinations to which you can rent a private jet this monsoon, enjoying the showers while avoiding the repercussions of heavy rains.


While the rest of the country may be drenched with rain from June to September, Rajasthan experiences mild to moderate rainfall at best. And with its well-planned infrastructure, Udaipur tops the list of places one should visit during the rains. Udaipur’s rainfall is not as scanty as some other regions in Rajasthan, but at the same time, it is not very intense, which makes this city a pleasant monsoon destination. Often referred to as “Venice of the East,” Udaipur is a city of majestic palaces and pristine lakes, luxurious hotels and ancient temples, not to mention a hub of authentic, lip-smacking Rajasthani cuisine.

Spiti Valley

Ensconced in the rugged terrains of Himachal Pradesh, Spiti Valley presents nature in all its glory to tourists. A vacation incorporating Kasol and Spiti Valley during the rains is an excellent idea to enjoy mild rains and have a safe monsoon vacation. Since Spiti Valley is located in the rain shadow region of the Himalayas, it is protected from the wrath of heavy rains, experiencing low to moderate rainfall and ensuring almost zero risk of landslides and floods. Adding to this advantage are the well-paved roads, which are regularly maintained to facilitate convenience of travel. So, if you are planning to fly by a private plane to this enchanting destination, the nearest airport is the Kullu-Manali airport.


With only 13 days of annual rainfall, Ladakh can be a welcome change from heavy rains and waterlogging, allowing tourists to escape to a largely dry, spectacular holiday destination. Besides being surrounded by majestic mountains and resplendent with breathtaking passes, Ladakh also boasts of age-old monasteries, enchanting palaces, and rich museums. It also hosts several fun-filled tourist activities, from safaris and mountain biking to river rafting and spotting snow leopards. Your bonus is the absolutely mesmerizing view of the entire landscape as your rented luxury private jet prepares to land at Ladakh airport.


Spread across the expanse of Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh, Bundelkhand is known for its ghats and waterfalls, splendid architecture, and largely dry weather, which proves advantageous for those venturing out during the rains. Bundelkhand almost always receives mild rainfall, making it pleasant but not too humid from July to September. Exploring Bundelkhand can be a fun-filled activity for history buffs as well as admirers of nature, as it perfectly integrates natural splendor with human-made marvels. The nearest airport from Bundelkhand is the Gwalior airport, so plan your private jet travel accordingly.


This fortified city and UNESCO World Heritage Site records glorious historical significance, with the remains of a rich legacy left behind for generations to admire. Also, with moderate rainfall at best, it becomes pleasant and welcoming for tourists during the rainy season. Resplendent with temples, monuments, and ruins of historical sites, Hampi is a treasure trove of insights and aesthetics and a perfect monsoon escape. The nearest airport to Hampi is Vidyanagar airport, approximately 40 kilometers from the city.

Renting a private jet during the rains is the ideal solution to reach faraway destinations safely and in absolute luxury, temperature control, and privacy. Also, since the private jet awaits you at the airport, you do not have to fear missing your flight because of delays due to bad weather. If your holiday destination is nearby, you may book our private helicopters for a convenient and traffic-free journey. So, pick from our fleet of private jets and charter flights, check out private plane prices in India, and begin your monsoon holidays on the perfect note!