Windows to the Private Jet World: Intriguing Facts about Private Jet Windows

You must have marveled at the limitless skies from the window of an aircraft, but have you stopped to observe the windows? The next time you travel by a private jet, have a closer look at the windows – their width, shape, and other aspects. You will observe that windows are among the most crucial aspects of an aircraft’s design, for aesthetics and functionality. And aircraft and private jet windows have a more interesting story than you would think.

Aircraft Windows – A Brief History

What is the shape of an aircraft window? “Square,” you would say promptly. But if you look at an aircraft’s window closely, you will notice that none of them are perfect squares. This design is, in fact, the result of some failures back in the day.

The de Havilland DH 106 Comet, the world’s very first commercial aircraft, had windows that were perfect squares, with sharp, 90-degree angles. But these corners began posing a problem in terms of the flight’s stress concentration, so it was time for a different approach. Ever since, all aircraft windows have been designed with rounded corners, and none of them are perfect squares or rectangles.

Private Jet Windows

Many premium aircraft used as private jets boast of some of the most iconic windows in aviation history. The number of windows in a private jet is based on its size. Turboprops or small-sized aircraft may have as less as six windows, while large-size jets may have 12 windows or sometimes even more. Some super-midsize jets are even equipped with 14 windows, so you can imagine the brightness inside these aircraft.

But flying private is not just about the practical aspects of brightness and low stress concentration. Over the decades, aircraft designers have made several innovations to private jet windows, leaving passengers marveling at the aesthetics and sheer convenience.

HA-420 HondaJet

This light business aircraft manufactured by the Honda Aircraft Company is known for its fuel efficiency and advanced avionics, but there’s something else that enthralls its passengers every time – its premium self-tinting windows. Essentially, these windows shield passengers from the sun’s rays by adjusting their tint based on the external brightness conditions. So, the aircraft does not require any additional shutters or blinds, which reduces its maintenance costs considerably.

Gulfstream G650

While none of the modern aircraft windows are perfectly squared, most of them are inclined towards square or rectangular shapes, with rounded edges. But the Gulfstream G650 is a brilliant exception. This large-sized business jet has 16 aesthetically designed elliptical windows, each with a width of 71 cm. So, passengers can enjoy an unobstructed view of the skies, sunrises, and sunsets, with window blinds and shades one can draw with individual seat controls.

Falcon 6X

Aircraft with panoramic side windows can offer some spectacular views, but a ceiling window inside an aircraft – that definitely takes the cake. Dassault became the pioneer of iconic ceiling windows in aircraft with its Falcon 6X, a long-range luxury business private jet that takes luxury and comfort to another level. Here, passengers can gaze at the infinite night sky through the aircraft’s ceiling window, which is strategically designed in the galley area, welcoming passengers into this epitome of class and luxury.

Yet other luxury private jets are iconic for the number of windows they have. For example, very large private jets like the Lineage 1000 have up to 40 windows, which illuminates the aircraft beautifully as it ventures to faraway lands during the day. These journeys become even more memorable when private jets with unique windows fly into picturesque locales. So, the next time you book a private jet rental, make sure to take a moment to admire its windows and the view beyond. We would love to facilitate this iconic experience for you. Click here to learn about the prices of renting private jets, and get an approximate quote for your next air travel!