Private Helicopter for Election Campaign: What’s the Deal?

Lok Sabha elections in our country are nothing short of an elaborate event, with several political parties campaigning and lobbying to rise to power. It’s a time when political leaders reflect on their initiatives and work so far and plan to come up with new strategies or develop existing ones if their parties become the ruling ones. But since our general elections cover the entire expanse of the subcontinent, leaders usually need to travel to several locations nationwide, from bustling cities and major towns to tiny districts and villages. And a political leader alighting from a private helicopter to reach such locations is certainly not a rare sight, especially during the election time.

Traveling by private helicopters makes the campaigning process incredibly streamlined for political leaders. The demand for private jets and helicopters has risen substantially as the election season commences, and we have listed out reasons for their immense popularity during this time.

Absolute privacy

As VIPs of the country, political leaders need to be transported safely from one place to another. Being in the public eye even when traveling can be overwhelming for these leaders, especially because they need to face the public at almost all other times. When flying by a private helicopter, these leaders have 100% privacy to travel safely without any disturbances, with top-notch in-flight services.

Private Helicopter is Quicker than roadways

No matter how many red beacons flash or sirens sound on the streets as VIP vehicles pass by, one cannot escape the wrath of traffic and unpredictable roadblocks when traveling by road. Such events delay political leaders’ schedules considerably, making it difficult to cover multiple locations within a day. This is where private helicopters come to the rescue and save one from such situations. These helicopters fly nonstop from point A to point B, so that there are no halts along the way and leaders save a significant amount of time.

Easy access to remote locations

Another major advantage of helicopters is that they can land in remote locations that do not have commercial or private airports. All they need is a helipad, and one doesn’t have to commute from the nearest airport to the remote destination by a car or some other vehicle. This saves precious time for political leaders, who usually need to cover multiple destinations throughout their campaigning period.

Personalized service on-board private helicopter

Although private helicopters may not offer services as luxurious as midsize or large-sized private jets, they still have personalized services that can make the commute highly convenient. For example, political leaders may ask for their preferred food or beverage to be served to them on board (though they cannot be served at their ideal temperatures because there are no microwaves or refrigerators on-board helicopters), and any reading material may be easily made available. Also, the temperature and humidity inside the helicopter may be easily controlled.

Flying by private helicopters is the best bet for political leaders to save commute time during the campaigning phase. That’s why the demand for private helicopters usually skyrockets during such times. We at BookMyCharters offer premium private planes and helicopters on rent; our fleet is characterized by world-class luxury, absolute privacy and highly customized services. Click here to connect with us and find out about private plane prices in India and more!